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Mother Reese Witherspoon gets fit with her boyfriend (while supporting Livestrong).

Want more ideas on getting fit for the new year? Keep reading…

If you want to get fit this year (but are sick of the same routine), start by trying new things (and new technology).  Instead of worrying about the right amount of “cardio” or “strength training” recommended for daily living, try to stop looking at exercise as torture (but merely a way to have fun and stay active for your kids). We garantee you will be far more likely to stick with your positive habits…

Here are five new ways to get fit this year (while still having fun)…

1. My Fitness Coach: If you are lucky enough to own a WII system, try checking out the My Fitness Coach program, which gives you personal training in your own home.

2. The Biggest Winner- The Complete Body Workout: This 5-disc set is in the $20 range, and comes with every kind of workout needed to tone your entire body. Try using one workout each day of the week, and you’ll have an extremely potent, thorough workout regimen for the new year.

3. Yourself Fitness:This program (designed for Xbox) let’s users pick from hundreds of Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Strength training exercises, and even choose tons of virtual settings (like an island beach or snowy retreat) to “workout” in, as you follow along at home. (It even includes meal planning!)

4. Quick Fix: Pre and Postnatal Workouts: Although we haven’t tried this video yet because it’s new, we are eager to get our hands on this post-partum workout DVD, split into ten-minute segments. This workout may be too easy for extremely fit mommas, but can be a gentle, gradual way to tone and shape your body right after baby (when you only have ten minutes).

5. iTRAIN Download Workouts:If we were cool enough to have an MP3 player, we would be downloading the iTRAIN workouts in a heartbeat (for a small price). You can choose from Sculpting, Cardio, Yoga & Pilates, or even iTEEN training workouts (for kids), and have a personal trainer walk you through challenging workouts at a moment’s notice. We would love to try any one of the iSCULPT Ballet workouts (meant to intensly tone and tighten your muscles) or the iTREAD outdoor walking and running routines (which actually benefit the Livestrong Foundation).

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