Get Fit Like Power Moms Jennifer Hudson and Reese Witherspoon: Exclusive Interview With Power Mommy Chandra Clarke

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Jennifer Hudson and Reese Witherspoon are Power Moms with positive exercise habits….get your own!

Do you ever wonder how extremely successful business moms (often known as “Power Mommy’s), create a healthy lifestyle amid their chaotic schedule? We were thrilled to interview Chandra Clarke (founder of Scribendi) and see how she fits exercise into her daily life (as well as steal some tips for how you can become a Power Mommy yourself!)

1) As founder of and promoter of “mompreneurism”, what is it that you want every woman to know about becoming a “Power Mommy?”

“I think it’s important for people to know that in spite of a killer schedule, I’m having a lot of fun and wouldn’t go back to being an employee ever again. This has been a great ride.”

2) What are your top three tips for becoming a “Power Mommy”, despite a busy schedule?

1. “Get a Blackberry. They are actually the perfect tool for a working mother, as they have an app for just about everything you need to do in a day… everything from taking notes on important ideas, to scheduling the kid’s soccer matches, to social networking, to helping you find your next meeting location.”

2. “Pencil yourself in. Commit to doing something for yourself on a regular basis. For me, it’s flopping on the couch with a book or a magazine, or playing a computer game. My husband and I also dine alone together at least once a week– usually just at home, but sometimes at a restaurant too.”

3. “Rise above it all on a regular basis. It’s important to get your head out of your daily ‘to dos’, both at work and at home, to assess how you’re doing. Too often we get busy and time slips by us, and we can sometimes lose direction or focus as a result.”

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3) Ok, we have to ask… how do you possibly fit exercise into your life, when you’re so busy? What’s the secret?

“I’ve tried to work it into my daily life. We take our kids on daily walks when weather permits, and we try to get to the local pool on a weekly basis. I’ll hop on the exercise bike for a while if I’ve got some business related reading to do.”

4) What is the hardest thing about staying healthy as a “Power Mommy”, and how do you overcome it?

“For me, it’s sleep deprivation and avoiding cold and flu bugs. My children are all quite young (5, 3 and 1 year), and the younger two still wake up in the night from time to time; I’m also a night hawk by nature, and find it hard to be disciplined enough to go to bed at a sensible hour if I’m not feeling tired, but then I pay for that the next day. And of course, when one of them brings home a bug, they all catch it, and then my husband and I have to look after them while also coming down with it ourselves.

We try to stay healthy by watching what we eat, and being better about set bed times and wake up calls. But there are definitely days where it is as much as you can do to keep body and soul together, and you just have to tough those out if you have commitments and deadlines to keep.”

* If you could be a “Power Mommy” at one thing in your life right now… what would it be?

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