Get Fit In Style Like Katie Holmes: Fitness Look of the Week

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Some moms prefer sweats (like Katie Holmes) and others tight workout gear (like Bryce Dallas Howard)…which do you prefer?

  It has long since been said that a woman should never workout in baggy clothing, because form-fitting garments help propel them farther in their personal fitness routine. Although it’s true that seeing your shape in sleek workout gear might help motivate you to work harder, for many other moms, it can be discouraging. Strive to buy a few new items (when beginning a new exercise routine) that make you feel beautiful (whether or not that means they’re tight or loose), and remember to do what feels best for you.

* Answer This: Do you prefer working out in super tight clothing, or loose sweats?

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One comment on “Get Fit In Style Like Katie Holmes: Fitness Look of the Week
  1. Ali says:

    Depending on my workout, I will wear either fitted or loose. For dance class, fitted on the top, loose on the bottom, so I can see my tummy muscles working, and don’t have to lift my shirt in front of anyone! 😉

    When I go to the gym, I just grab whatever is clean and comfy for my workouts…it’s not a fashion contest…well, at least not for me!

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