Get Fit In A Flash (Just Don’t Forget Your Helmet): Speedy Momma Fitness Moment

Kate Hudson and Keri Russell know the benefits of a bike…do you?

Biking is an amazing and quick way to melt down those calories and fat at the same time (without feeling like you’re “working out”). It’s not only a full body workout that does wonders for your legs, (especially defining your gluts and quads), but you can also bike with your baby or toddler by adding a bike trailer or child seat to the back. Tons of celebrity moms use biking workouts as double duty (a way to get around town and burn some calories), but you can do the same!

Spice up your fitness regimen by creating an interval training routine on your local bike trail. Ride your bicycle for a minute, before hopping off for a few sets of squats and lunges in the grass. You can even add some light weights to your workout (we recommend the FitnessUwear Banglz  over at the Makeover Momma Shop.) They look like fashionable, light-weight bracelets, but they actually tone your arms while you’re doing daily activities (so stop counting reps!)

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Of course, if biking isn’t your thing you can still try other outdoor activities like rollerblading (it is a great alternative and helps will posture and balance) or a trampoline (it burns tons of calories while toning those legs). So whatever workout you choose…get out there and don’t forget the helmet!

* Answer This: Where is your favorite place to workout? The great outdoors, inside a gym or at home?

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