Get Dramatic Holiday Eye Makeup Like Iman and Heidi Klum: Beauty Product Roundup

There is nothing better in the winter season that playing up your eyes for holiday parties. It’s the perfect time to play with makeup: your indoors (where light is forgiving), your cold (so nothing will melt off) and nothing is too dramatic. We had some of our Real Momma panel review their favorite, fancy products, and here’s what they recommend…

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1) Real Momma, Shanda says to start with: The Talika Eye Therapy Patches and Spackle Under Make-Up Primer by Laura Gellar

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“Ever since the birth of my youngest daughter a few months ago, I had been noticing my under-eye area looked totally dark and tired. Recently, though, I have completely fallen in love  with Talika Eye Therapy patches.First of all, each patch is reusable up to three times and comes with a cute little compact for storing them safely between uses. These patches were easy to apply under my eyes and stayed on well for the required 30 min. even when I was running around picking up toys, loading the dishwasher and even blow-drying my hair. When I removed the patches, I definitely noticed my eyes seemed less puffy and were less dark underneath. Plus, I felt refreshed and looked less tired. A great product for moms looking to look less tired after being up all night nursing that colicky baby!”

“This under make-up primer feels so silky, lush and lightweight.It totally evened out my skin’s texture, perfectly prepping it for my foundation. The best thing about Spackle is although it fully moisturizes your skin, it is 100% oil free!”

2) Contributor Dulcey recommends prepping the eye area with: Lierac Dioptilisse Lifting Eye Cream and Sephora Eyelash Curler

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“I really loved this eye cream. It was petite (so it easily fit into my travel bag), and made the entire area around my eye look shinier, brighter and less puffy. I skipped  it for a few days, and right away my eye makeup didn’t go on as smoothly, the skin around my eye looked darker, and it made realize how much I really needed this stuff.”

“I am a dance teacher, so I really need a heavy duty eyelash curler when it comes time for a performance. This was a very sturdy, strong eyelash curler (almost intimidating at first), but in the end…it delivered extreme curl, which (once I applied mascara) made my lashes look like falsies!”

3) Real Momma Rachel (mom of 2) loves using: Maybelline Smoky Eye Kit and Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser

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“This is date night, rock-his-socks, va va voom eyeshadow. Even the more pale colors have too much shimmer to wear during the day, but all together these colors make the perfect smoky eye. I want to go out soon so I have another excuse to wear this makeup and feel totally glamorous again!”

“This is impressive stuff! I love to pile on my mascara, but this eye make up remover totally works without being greasy or stinging my eyes. I swear my mascara clumps less, too. A+!”

* What is your favorite way to play up your eyes during the holidays?

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2 comments on “Get Dramatic Holiday Eye Makeup Like Iman and Heidi Klum: Beauty Product Roundup
  1. I love a colorful smoky eye…doesn’t have to be just black or grey. I love to rock it in deep jewel toned shades of blue, purple, sometimes even green. But for those that love grey & black eyeshadow a makeup line from UK called Sleek MakeUP has a awesome Limited Edition “Graphite I-Divine” Eyeshadow pallette that’s to die for! Will be able to purchase online in US soon. I’ll be doing a feature on Sleek MakeUP on my Beauty Blog soon.

    Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

  2. Bailey says:

    I wish you could do my makeup every day!

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