Get Dancing With Dove Clinical Strength Deodorant: Makeover Monday Beauty Video

What are you doing to get sleeveless for summer? Recently I had the privilege of hosting a Dove Sleeveless For Summer party, in honor of their amazing new deodorant: Clinical Strength Visibly Smooth. Personally, this deodorant is perfect for someone like me who (let’s face it) sweats a heck of a lot, and it also helps reduce underarm hair growth over time (so you can shave less!) We had so much fun burning some calories, toning our arms, and testing out the sweat resistant power of our new deodorant with our fun Sleeveless For Summer class. Check it out (and feel free to laugh at our dancing skills)…

Ready to go sleeveless (like Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez?) Consider your deodorant…

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

* What are you doing to get sleeveless for summer?

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