Get Big City Fashion With Walmart Prices

I don’t have a lot of money for clothing. Ok, that’s an understatement: I have no money for clothing, because on any given I’m buying new winter coats, boots or warm pajamas for my girls. As most moms know, in a house with tons of small children that are constantly growing, all extra funding goes towards upgrades in their miniature wardrobes. Unfortunately, this leads me squeezing into jeans I’ve worn since I was fourteen (it’s not pretty) and sweaters that could double as a bib for my kids on spaghetti night.

Personally, I’ve always loved Walmart’s clothing options in the summer (their sundresses are light and adorable), but have never checked out their fall or winter styles. Recently I decided to hop on (which I personally think has the best variety for fashion), and found some amazing winter dresses and playful tops for $5 or less. Actually, the items that you’ll see me wear in this video were only $3 from my local store (and I’ve worn them tons of different ways since!) The trick is too ignore the size or designer (hey, sometimes Juniors styles totally work), and simply shop based upon what shape will look best on your body (you can figure out what really works in the dressing room).

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* What Do You Think: Which piece do you like the best and would you wear these looks?

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