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* Makeover Momma Shape Up: Week 4

I may have taken a week off (with traveling, jet lag and tons of familial drama), but luckily we’re back and going strong this week. Week 4 of the Makeover Momma Shape Up was definitely tricky, because I had also hurt my toe in a perilous “refusing-to-wear-sensible-flats-to-a-fancy-wedding” accident… leaving me on the sidelines faster than Bret Farve in his eighties. (Look at that honey, I just made my first football metaphor!)

Regardless, this week was all about finding exercises that you can do on the floor (heck, even in your pajamas like me) using a mat and some light weights. If you don’t have light weights, you can improvise with something similar at home or forego them all together.

* Nutrition Plan: The Slim Fast 321 Plan is definitely made for travel. Despite all of my recent globe trotting, there was nothing easier than popping open a cold healthy shake in the morning, or reaching for a 100 calorie snack when I was in a bind. Best of all, eating six small meals throughout the day has truly got my metabolism going strong. I can feel myself getting hungrier at the appropriate times (which believe it or not is a good thing) and never have that heavy, “full” feeling anymore throughout the day. Loving it!

You Can Try The Shape Up: If you want to try, get unlimited support by commenting on the post of the week, or sending messages to @makeovermomma. I’m here to help you and want us to do this together!

* Answer This: How are you doing with the Makeover Momma Shape Up?

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