Get An Oscars Inspired Workout Regimen: Make It Better

Want to slim down before a big event (and feel like Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Klum at the Oscars?) Here’s some ideas…

Have you ever tried to slim down and lose weight, right before a big event? Although we have all tried to do it (come on, let’s be honest), the fact of the matter is… there is just no substitution for a healthy lifestyle and consistent habits. Luckily, we have still gathered up small tips for busy mommas, to help keep you motivated (even if that high school reunion is nowhere in sight)…

* Do It Safely: recently broke down the many ways that celebrities attempt to lose weight before the Oscars (or other large events), and celebrity trainer Oz Garzia admits that “you should always have a healthy lifestyle, but there are temporary fixes that will help.” What are some of the safe tips that might do the trick? Other than avoiding foods that make you bloat and retain large amounts of salt (and drinking plenty of water), Garcia says “20 to 40 minutes on the treadmill once a day is sufficient”. Don’t go wild trying to exercise in large quantities before a big occasion (you’ll likely “burn out” beforehand, risk injuring yourself or giving up on healthy habits all together).

* Evoke Your Inner Athlete: Bailey (Executive Editor of Makeover Momma) admits, “I have always wanted to be an athlete, but have never had the basic coordination to accomplish any kind of training. Whether dreaming about being a top muay thai fighter or a capoeira expert (yes really, I watch to much UFC with my husband before I go to bed), I have always managed to barely trip over my own feet whenever entering a room. Luckily, finding a way to create a goal that doesn’t feel like torture (think martial arts, tap dance or running a small race) helps distract from the exercise. Since I’m a full-time mom, I personally am stuck at home all day, so I love setting positive, small goals (like doing a “real” push up or 100 perfect crunches) that continue to fuel my motivation, without being unattainable.”

* Fit It In: Frankly, some of us just don’t have time for exercise (no matter how many “health junkies” tell us otherwise). This is why it’s important to stop feeling depleted about an imperfect fitness regimen, and just do what you can (yes mommas, we do not have to be perfect!) We love the idea behind FitnessUWear Banglz wrist weights (available in our Makeover Momma shop) because they can be worn all day, every day, without ever harming your joints (but they also help to tone your muscles without even trying). Finding other small ways to add resistance during the day can help you burn more calories overall (use a resistance band to tone arms and legs on the couch at night, take the stairs two at a time, or even simply wear some ankle weights during your next stroller walk). Easy enough? We think so.

* Have you ever tried to lose weight before a big event?

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One comment on “Get An Oscars Inspired Workout Regimen: Make It Better
  1. Ali says:

    So far, have not tried to lose weight for any specific event, but always trying to lose weight! 🙂 I agree that a daily routine is better, but sometimes just doesn’t give the results quickly enough, if you’ve slacked over the years, and gotten out of shape, as I have experienced in my life! I will say that I enjoy the high-intensity workouts, but it has to be a group exercise for me to stick with it. I like the support, and lack the self-discipline!

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