Get A Winter Bronze Like Martina McBride and Robin Wright Penn: Speedy Brand Spotlight

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  If you want the perfect makeup that can take you from daytime (running tons of errands), to night (your next holiday party)…keep things simple. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with one brand (who’s ingredients and colors work seamlessly together), then to try and fuse mix-matched shades of product together. This is why we’re launching a new feature, Speedy Brand Spotlight- to help illuminate lots of fabulous product line options for moms…

The Face: Want to do your entire face in Mary Kay (a mom-friendly company), while achieving a soft, radiant look for the winter season? Try this…

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* Get Glowing: If you want to achieve that winter time glow (see “Look Gorgeous in a Flash Like Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Garner“), sweep on Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color and Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder. Sometimes moms use only blush or bronzer, and forget that the most realistic glow comes from a fusion of both. Sweep the bronzer in a broad “3” shape over the corners of your face (from your forehead,  across the tops of your cheekbones and bridge of your nose, and along your jawline), and add a dash of blush (with a big, fluffy brush) lightly to the tops of your cheeks.

* Gloss Up: There is nothing better than lightly glossed lips, that are perfectly low-maintenance for a busy mom. Try a combination of Mary Kay Creme Lipstick and Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss (both of which can be applied quickly…practically with your eyes closed!) Choose a shade with slight blue tones (not orange) to make your teeth look whiter.

* Open Up: Finally, if you want big, beautiful eyes (who doesn’t?), check out Mary Kay’s Mineral Eye Color and Mary Kay Concealer. The eye color can be used as a multi-tasking blush, bronzer and lip color (if you choose a natural shade like rose, gold or pink), while the concealer is perfect for under eye circles, pimples or any un-even areas. Try taking the advice of many celeb moms, who favor using small amounts of liquid concealer where needed on the skin (and that’s it) to create a surprisingly natural, beautiful complexion.

  It’s one thing if you want to create a winter-time blush (see “How To Find Jennifer Garner’s Blush For Fall“), but what if you want to eliminate redness?

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* Makeover Momma Store Suggestion: Dr. Brandt Laser In A Bottle- Laser Relief Calms Redness (a deeply penetrating Splurge product that calms redness instantly, improves skin condition and reduces signs of damage).

* Have you ever tried Mark Kay? What did YOU think?

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One comment on “Get A Winter Bronze Like Martina McBride and Robin Wright Penn: Speedy Brand Spotlight
  1. I LOVE Mary Kay. It’s one of my favorite brands. I use my bronzer all the time to add contour. Great tips. Love you blog too!

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