Get A White Smile In Seconds A Day: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Gorgeous smiles like Julianne Moore and Jessica Alba shouldn’t have to be hard to come by…

Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight: New Smile

Years of mommy-hood, hormones and one too many cups of coffee or wine can certainly take a tole on our smiles…but don’t you want to whiten up? A white smile can make you look a lot younger, fresher and make you feel better. This is why we love New Smile’s Sparkle 365 pen: it lets busy ladies whiten and brighten, in (literally) seconds a day.

For only $16 (substantially less than almost all other whitening treatments), you just draw on your teeth like a marker, and you’re done. The application is targeted and simple because it’s a pen, yet super portable (just keep it in you purse, car or pocket and you’re set). Not only is it easy on the wallet and easy to apply, it’s also gentle enough that you can use it three times a day.

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What Could You Get For Your Makeover Madness Party?: Product Body Road Wash Solid Soap

This product is wonderful to share with your entire family, because it’s a silky, frothy soap that feels like whip cream (so kids will love it). It’s 100% vegan (never been tested on animals), natural and hand poured, using ingredients that won’t irritate skin (even for sensitive children or mommas). Plus, it’s only $13 for a travel safe container….perfect for your next vacation!

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