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Want to get fit, and healthy (after kids), like pregnant star Bethenney Frankel and super fit Madonna? They follow a healthy lifestyle, and you can too!

If you want to learn how other moms find success through fitness and nutrition, check out our latest Makeover Momma Fitness Insider!

Name: Ali (age 31). Mother of a son, “Pickle” (3 1/2 years old), and a daughter, “Sugar Plum” (22 months old), see below. Follow her journey through motherhood (and healthy lifestyle motivation) on Twitter, @PickleSugarPlum.

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Why I Want To Change: “I want to create a new healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Since becoming attached, my previously healthy habits have been tossed aside and replaced with less healthy habits and laziness, which have resulted in weight gain and loss of self-esteem. These are not things I would wish upon anyone, especially for my children… so it is up to me to set a healthy example for them.  That, coupled with the desire to be here for them as they develop throughout their lives (and to be a part of the milestones in their lives), motivates me towards making the changes, rather than allowing things to remain the same.”

My New Goals: “I have no set number goal [in terms of weight or size], but simply want to become healthy, fit, and happy. I also would love to incorporate more healthy options for my children, and increase their vegetable intake. This is hugely challenging, with finicky eaters, such as myself and my son. Becoming more active with my children is very important to me, in order to prevent their risk of becoming overweight in the future, and struggling with weight, as I have over the past 10 years.”

My New Routine: “I joined the Mamavation Movement, created by Leah Segedie (of Bookieboo) in July, and with a newfound sense of hope andinspiration. I campaigned for the 1st Round of Mamavation in July, but did not make it into the finals. Instead, I began to blog my Journey via the Mamavation Follow Along Program, doing weekly updates with my food intake/exercise journals, at The Rehan Family. I began to talk openly about my goals, and one of the women I was lucky enough to meet in person, introduced me to a local opportunity to get a jump start on my goals.

She invited me to join her, and “buddy up” in a new Workout Testimonial Group, for an up-coming workout program created by Lisa Druxman of Stroller Strides. This workout program provided a new healthy eating plan, and required a commitment to attend two group workouts a week, along with working out on our own, outside of the group workouts. For me, this required commitments beyond just working out and eating better. As most moms know, working out with children can be a challenge, but was not an option in this group, so I spent a good deal of time recruiting friends and family for childcare so that I could attend every workout with Lisa’s Testimonial Group.

I recently campaigned for the 2nd Round of Mamavation, and although I didmake it into the finals this round, I did not acquire enough public votes to become one of the two MamavationMoms. I had my heart set on this round, and although I did not win, I am not going to allow that to affect my goals. I still plan to forge ahead and take any opportunity that I am presented with, to improve the health of myself and my family.  I will continue blogging my Follow Along Journey, and working hard to inspire and motivate others to join in and adopt their own healthy lifestyle. Nothing inspires or motivates me to push ahead more than hearing someone say that I have inspired them to change their life! It’s such an amazing feeling!”

And guess what? Ali was also our lucky winner of last week’s Pulse Yoga DVD giveaway! Congrats Ali (and thanks to everyone who commented)! Stay tuned for more Makeover Momma giveaways, coming soon…

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