Yes, You Will Fall In Love With Hair Oils: Revamp Your Routine

Get a shiny, healthy hair makeover (like Michelle Williams and Nicole Kidman) with hair oils..

After our recent hair experiment with giving up shampoo, we decided to go in the opposite direction, and try using hair oil exclusively for 4 weeks. How did (editor) Bailey feel about the experience with Macadamia Natural Oil? Check it out…

Week 1: “I am going in to this hair oil experience a little hesitant, because the word “oil” (when combined with my hair) does not seem very appealing. My hair is like one giant oxymoron: it’s coarse and dry, but it’s fine. There is a lot of it, but it thins out easily. Basically, my hair is in a constant state of identity crisis, and adding oil to the mix might not be a good idea.”

Week 2: “I am already a changed woman. After using the Rejuvenating  shampoo, my hair felt extremely full and clean (not flat), without feeling stripped of hydration. From the very first moment I tried the Deep Repair mask, I felt like telling everyone I knew about it. It is so thick and quenching- it’s like velvety butter for your hair (I almost had to stop myself from wanting to eat it).

Week 3: “I thought that nothing could top my love for the Deep Repair Mask (and that’s partially true), but I am becoming an addict for the Healing Oil Treatment. I thought it would be runny and gross like cooking oil, but instead it’s thick, smooth, pink (and smells delicious!) I don’t understand how the oil could make my split ends look less noticable (and my hair feel soft and smooth), while also helping to detangle my daughter’s impossibly curly hair. It worked equally well on both of our (completely different) types of hair.”

Week 4: “I have quickly discovered that the Healing Oil Treatment can be used in tons of different ways. It made a super-potent treatment mask when applied to wet hair in the shower, but also worked wonders when applied before flat-ironing my hair (as a protective serum). I love mixing the oil with a small amount of Nourishing Leave-In Cream (which is lighter, and leaves hair refreshed without being heavy). The leave-in cream was perfect to finish off my look (leaving waves shiny and tamed, without loosing volume).”

End Result: “I honestly didn’t know what to expect of this Macadamia Natural Oil, but after staying faithful to this line for 4 weeks, I am hooked. I want to let all of my friends and family try it (that’s how much I love it), especially the Healing Oil and Deep Repair Masque. To me, this was the perfect way to nurture your hair back to health (no matter how damaged) or bring a new life to limp locks.”

* What do you think of hair oil?

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One comment on “Yes, You Will Fall In Love With Hair Oils: Revamp Your Routine
  1. Rachel says:

    I’ll have to check it out! I’ve been just using conditioner, inspired by your other post. I tried it before, but after watching the video I learned I wasn’t using enough product. I’m beginning to think I do much better not using detergents on my body.

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