Get A Private Personal Training Session Like Demi Moore and Heidi Klum: Revamp Your Routine

Fashionista moms like Demi Moore, Heidi Klum and Faith Hill love light resistance training…do you?l

Do want to get a gentle toning workout every day…without having to interrupt your hectic schedule? On our most recent visit to New York Fashion Week, we discovered a common thread amongst the preferred workouts of celebrities and runway models: light resistance training. Using light weights on a daily basis can not only help create long, lean muscle tone (instead of bulk), but also raises your basic metabolic rate throughout the day.

We love these FitnessUWear Banglz wrist weights because they let mommas tone and tighten their arms, without ever having to think about it. Just slip them on in the morning, where them around the house (or whenever you have a moment to spare) and add extra resistance to your arms (helping you burn more calories throughout the day).

We love these FitnessUWear Banglz so much, in fact, that we’re offering an exclusive promise to Makeover Momma readers!

* Purchase the FitnessUWear Banglz by the end of February

* Receive an exclusive email consultation from Bailey (editor-and-chief of Makeover Momma) to discuss your current fitness needs, habits and preference.

* Bailey will create a 10 minute personal training video just for you (suiting your fitness style, needs and wants).

Get a personalized fitness makeover (and a pair of fabulous, affordable wrist weights)…just like that!

* What do YOU want to improve on the most in your current fitness routine?

Video is open to any reader who purchases FitnessUWear (male, female, mom, non-mom). Bailey from Makeover Momma will talk with you via email to discuss your current fitness needs, habits and concerns. Then a personalized video will be created!

Credit: © People

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2 comments on “Get A Private Personal Training Session Like Demi Moore and Heidi Klum: Revamp Your Routine
  1. Any idea of what’s inside the Banglz and whether or not they’re washable? Do they have hook & loop closure? Do they work for ankle’s, too?

  2. Thanks for asking! They do not come with a hook/loop closure, and I’m not sure what is inside of them- but I know they are meant to be worn whenever you want (without harming your joints) to create stronger bones, increased resistance and more calorie burn. They do carry ankle weights, but I tend to slip wrist weights on my feet too (like in this video). I was not using FitnessUWear in that video, but hope to do so soon- they’re so cute!

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