Get A New Year Hair Makeover Like Alessandra Ambrosio and Emme: Real Momma Product Review

Mom models Emme and Alessandra Ambrosio get their hair done in a salon (and not at home)… which do you prefer?

We have been talking a lot about hair lately (@makeovermomma) on Twitter, as editor-and-chief Bailey attempted to get her strands dyed at a local beauty salon to save money (for more on beauty school styling, please see “Get An Affordable Gorgeous Haircut Like Nicole Richie and Bethenny Frankel.”) Now we are putting Real Momma Shanda to the test, by having her dye her hair at home (to save money) and report back….see how it goes!

The Product: ACT Naturals (Advanced Cosmetic Technologies) Permanent Hair Coloring Kit (in natural light golden blonde)

What I Thought: “I have always done my own color at home but this was the first time I used an all natural plant-based color kit. This PPD-free, vegan and animal cruelty-free dye is made from renewable and sustainable plant and mineral ingredients and is totally kind to the environment. (It’s also super safe if you’re breastfeeding like me, which is a load off my mind!) It was really kind to my nose… none of that awful ammonia smell you get from non-natural hair color kits. The color of my locks matched the color in the photo on the box (always a good thing but never a sure thing!) and I loved how it came not only with protective gloves for your hands, but also a shower cap to keep hair covered during the coloring process.”

* What do you think about Shanda’s hair color? Have you ever tried a natural hair dye before?

Credit: © People

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2 comments on “Get A New Year Hair Makeover Like Alessandra Ambrosio and Emme: Real Momma Product Review
  1. Tara says:

    Wow, that looks great!

  2. Bailey says:

    It’s a good “winter blonde”

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