Get A Fast, Flawless Manicure Like Nicole Kidman and Christina Aguilera: Beauty Product Roundup

Do you want gorgeously manicured hands, like celeb moms Nicole Kidman and Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes? Try these…

The winter season is rough on our hands, but motherhood can be even rougher. If your hands are starting to feel like a pumice stone (and your last manicure might have been in high school), than you’ll love these fast, simple ways to create smooth, soft hands at home (with the total price of everything under $15!)…

For Extremely Dry Hands: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream

If your hands get extremely dry from washing dishes, cold weather and chasing after your kids, than this intensely hydrating formula from Vaseline is perfect for you. It deeply protects and moisturizes skin (they even tested it on a town in Alaska) and is prescription strength (without the price tag).

For Extremely Rough Hands: Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover

This product is super easy to use (and super easy on the pocketbook at only $6). Just rub it on dry skin until rough areas are removed, and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. Try placing it by the sink so you can use it daily (whenever washing hands), for a constant, simple manicure treatment (plus, it works on feet too!)

For Short, Brittle Nails: Wet & Wild Cosmetics Crystalic Clear Nail Fortifier

If you don’t have time for extensive nail treatments (or can’t find a way to strengthen your brittle nails), just swipe on this super affordable clear polish, and let it go to work making your nails longer and strong. Better yet, it will help them look super shiny when you don’t have time for a top coat!

* Share With Us: Do you do your own manicures at home, or splurge for a nail salon?

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