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Need an upgrade? Sometimes we all do!

* Breakdown of the Month: FREE MAKEOVERS!

Wish you could be one of the Makeover Mommas of the Month? Last month I kicked off an amazing new concept: the top brands in the world spoil 3 deserving mothers who never take time for themselves. The winners were chosen at random, and now we have 3 amazing moms who will be showing their final results super soon (so stay tuned for the big reveals!) In the meantime, wouldn’t you love to be one of the next mothers chosen? Now you can…

Win A FREE Makeover: Become the next Makeover Momma of the Month

I’m picking 3 Makeover Mommas of the Month for August, and you could be 1 of them! Just do the following…

* Comment Below: Why do you need a makeover this August?

* Follow Our Sponsors: Study up on the fabulous products you’d receive, and show your support by following their social media accounts to qualify for entry.

The Goods: The Experts Behind Your August Makeover Experience

* The Skin Makeover: Jabot Red Carpet Kit

The red carpet is synonymous with beauty and glamour, and this enormously popular kit from Jabot lives up to the promise. This line of effective skincare products was originally inspired by the soap drama the Young and the Restless, and each ingredient delivers the same dramatic results as the show does plot-lines. This kit reforms the complexions of Hollywood’s elite prior to big appearances, and features three anti-aging breakthroughs: Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer, Photo Ready Face Lift and Picture Perfect Eye Lift. And if words like “diamonds” and “lift” aren’t tantalizing enough, Makeover Mommas of the Month will be the only women using these kits before the end of July (the line is completely sold out!)

Follow: @ShopJabot and Shop Jabot

* The Body Makeover: Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream

Show me a pregnant mother who worries about getting stretch marks during pregnancy, and I can show you a fabulous woman who’s wasting her time. It’s like the bumper sticker once said: stretch marks happen (or something like that) and there is very little that we can do about it. Aside from giving your beautiful children back and reversing the hands of time- which at times is admittedly tempting- these pesky marks come with the territory and are not the end of the world. Still, why do they annoy us so much? Apothederm feels our pain and has created a revolutionary stretch mark cream to gently reduce their appearance, without using harmful, toxic chemicals. Your skin will thank you later…

Follow: @apothederm and Apothederm

* The Hair Makeover: Nunaat Hair Treatments

Our hair has a million reasons to hate us: motherhood induced hormones, damaging styling, using the wrong products and moreover. No matter the reason, Nunaat has a line of haircare products that can fix your specific problem and work with your personal hair texture. This luxurious line of hydrating, decadent products works with curly hair, damaged hair and everything in between. In fact, Nunaat is so personalized to your hair personality that they will personally recommend the right treatment for each one of our 3 Makeover Momma of the Month winners. Whether it’s Nunaat’s Treatment Cream to make curls bouncy and nourished, or their super popular Brazilian Kertain line to repair fried strands without using formaldehyde. Even their Silicone products can boost the shine factor in the most neglected of locks. No matter your need, Nunaat has something for you!

Follow: @Nunaat or nuNAAT

* The Hydration Makeover: Activate VitaminWater

Vitamins are not just something your children should be taking… they are important to your hair, your skin, your nails and (most importantly) your health. But most of busy mothers don’t have time to take our vitamins, let alone worry about how much they improve our appearance over time. Thankfully, Activate understands how busy we are, and has created a one-of-a-kind VitaminWater system that preserves the effectiveness of nutrients by storing them in the bottle cap. Unlike typical vitamin waters that are full of sugar, calories, and who’s vitamins break down over time, Activate gives you a fresh blast of vitamins with every sip. On top of that, all of the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, and only have about 5 calories per serving despite tasty flavors like Fruit Punch, Lulo Pear and Exotic Berry. More flavor, more vitamins, less calories = perfect!

Follow: @ActivateDrinks or Activate Drinks

* The Fitness AND Nutrition Makeover: Makeover Momma Long & Lean Plan

Ok, perhaps I’m a little bit biased, but if you want to slim down and shape up this summer… Long & Lean is the way to go! 3 lucky winners will get full access to the Makeover Momma Long & Lean Eating Plan: giving you complete meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and more. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or love drive-thru, there is something for every type of lifestyle. You can alternate between two different plans (one that helps you cook fresh meals at home, and one that lets you eat anywhere on-the-go) with zero stress. Plus, you can dive into the Long & Lean workouts whenever possible- giving you lean muscle tone with zero bulk… pretty cool, right?

Follow: @makeovermomma (use hashtag #longandlean whenever possible) and Makeover Momma

* The Slimming Makeover: Kmart’s SlimFabulous Shapewear

Can your closet be chic, hip, comfortable and still make you look slimmer? Yes, yes it can. Thanks to Kmart’s brand new SlimFabulous clothing line, you can wear vibrant tops and fashionable tanks without worrying about how many crunches you’ve done that morning. Instead of being worn underneath clothes like most shapewear items (which to be honest, can seem like a nightmare on a hot summer day), SlimFabulous has slimming materials built into the clothing itself. You can look a little bit leaner without doing a thing… if only my entire wardrobe could be like that!

Follow: @KMartFashion and Kmart

The Final Results: What You Do

If you want enter to be a Makeover Momma of the Month, just comment below and follow the sponsors (how easy is that?) 3 deserving women will be chosen at random in 2 weeks (so enter fast… only 14 days until your products are shipped!) Only enter if you’re prepared to take clear “Before” and “After” images, use all of the treatments and products per the directions, and report them on your own social media channels within 30 days. This means that if you have a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook page, you’ll post about your experience and share your photos to the best of your abilities. Don’t worry, the process will be easy, but the results will be dramatic!

If you’re ready to change your life in 30 days or less, then get ready…get set…. get made-over!

Makeover Mommaรขโ€žยข occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product.

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30 comments on “Get A Complete Beauty, Fashion and Health Makeover For FREE This August
  1. Jamie S. says:

    I need this makeover because I hardly ever buy anything for myself unless its on clearance this would be awesome to have Thanks for the chance!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Help! Birthday #46 in less than one month.

  3. sherry oravitz says:

    I need a makeover because my kids are all grown and on their own and i feel its time to do something for me now and this would be just the thing thank you for the chance

  4. Heather says:

    As a divorced mother of 4 going to school full time while working & planning a wedding in September (yep finally met my match & he’s amazing, loves us all as a package!)-I barely have time or money to buy or do anything for myself, let alone look as good as I once did. It would totally rock to get a makeover in time for our upcoming wedding. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Denise Morse says:

    Following and Liking everyone! @denimorse

    I need this makeover because I am a working mother who hasnt taken 5 minutes for myself in the 10 months since my daughter was born. I look unprofessional and I am working on trying to get a promotion. I am also a gluten free girl!

  6. Karen Putz says:

    That black dress looks awesome– especially for a gal like me who is always trying to hide upper arms. I’m definitely intrigued by the eating plan as I’m at a weight loss plateau at the moment.

  7. Sara says:

    Surely my outside could be as beautiful a I feel on the inside…

  8. Michelle B says:

    I need a makeover bad. Maybe I’d get the products before BlogHer?! Then I’d look smokin hot during my momcation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. katrina plantz says:

    OMG i would love to win this how do i get entered?

  10. Kathleen e says:

    I am 6 months pregnant with baby girl #2. baby girl #1 is two. I have not done one thing for myself since I was pregnant with baby #1. The only haircut I got was to donate it to a charity. I haven’t shopped for myself since I’m a SAHM and trying to cut costs. I’m not complaining bc I have chosen to live this way but sure would feel amazing to actually feel pampered and beautiful before the next little girl arrives in October! Thanks!!!

  11. sunshine says:

    i am a stay at home mom, who has negleted myself in light of my family. i am an overweight diabetic who despertly needs a makeover to help me realize that it isn’t too late to to become one hot MILF!

  12. Hey Katrina! Just comment letting me know why you’d like to win, and try to follow the sponsors through their social media accounts (if possible). Yay- good luck!

  13. Melissa norvell says:

    I am a mother to a 13 month old little boy and he’s the light of Mt life. I just never have any time or money to treat myself. This would be a fantastic opportunity.

  14. katrina plantz says:

    i would SSOOOOO LOVE to win this. i have a 2 year old and im a stay at home mom at the moment. every day i wake up and i spend the hole day cooking and cleaning and spending the day with my son, and it seams like day in and day out i feel the same way, i never take the time out to do stuff for myself, to make me feel beautiful. and maybe i would more if i had the money to but right now im not working and i just dont have the money. so most days i just dont feel good about my self i dont feel like a beautiful mom. so if i could win this it would be so wonderful. =)

  15. katrina plantz says:

    thank you bailey

  16. Carmitha Sherman says:

    Im broke and I turn 32 next week. I have a 3 year old and a 3 week old boys. Life has been a blast with 2 kids but I would appreciate having a make-over myself. Please pick me!

  17. Amy says:

    I need this makeover so bad! I work 2 jobs and never take time for myself. My husband would be so happy that I was actually doing something for myself and I would be so excited! Pick me please!!!

  18. Angie Ruoto says:

    Make me over please! I am 36, in a major rut after a traumatic turn of events in 2010. I live in Charlottesville, I have 3 kids, 8, 6, and 4. I have fought depression, still fighting in some ways. I have missed tons of sleep. I have a depressed worn face, but an inner soul wanting to escape and share my creativity and ideas with the world. I look negative but know I can shine with positivity if I just had a golden day to made over, turned inside out and shook anew. From the skin, body, hair treatments, to the vitamin water and little black dress, my soul and mind could be renewed and new life would flow from my clogged pours. I have been so close to winning, but have never won anything and I would love this opportunity to not only test the products and work myself to a new me, but set the inner happy self in me free to new beginnings. We all know beauty is strong on the outside, but the soul aches to share it’s beauty too. Please choose me!

  19. Melissa says:

    I am sooo ready to be made over. And after 2 babies in 2 years, I could SOO use that Stretch Mark cream… and the shape wear, etc. etc. ha ha! I have already followed all companies on FB.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. Ali says:

    Liked and Followed all of the above!

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, I’m neither fair, nor am I tall…so frumpy and lumpy just won’t do at all.
    But over the years, this has become…my very appearance…and my mood’s now glum.
    My skin is stretched, and not with lace…yet that’s not all, see my acne face?
    Dry hair galore, I cut it short, and yet…it’s dry some more!
    My clothes fit me not, nor make me look the right kind of “Hot”.
    You see, I’ve got this muffin…and into my cute clothes, there is no stuffin’.
    Lose the weight, I know I can, if only I had a better eating plan.
    Each new day, the weather is hotter, and I know it’s important now to drink more water.
    For each of these you’ve got a prize, and on them all I have my eyes.
    I’ll test them out and share my success, as frumpy and lumpy I become much less!
    I truly wish not to nip and tuck, and to myself and all entrants, I wish good luck!

  21. Besides it being my 25th B’Day in August(yaaaay me) I could use the makeover because I have 2 toddlers who keep me pretty busy & I have more “house clothes” than casual clothes. I also have a husband who’s in the Army & he’s rarely seen me looking good! I don’t wear makeup but he wants me to I think he deserves that. I also would like to see these stretch marks gone or less visible to others. Any time we have a little extra money I spend it on our kids. I plan everything around them I never take any time for myself! Choose me!!

  22. Katie H says:

    I will be turning 31 in August, I’ve had the same look for the better part of my life (and have had the same clothes despite the fact that I’ve lost weight) and the same hair style too. I am a mom to a toddler and a navy wife and take care of everyone else before myself, I would love a makeover, it may give me a boast that I need since I spend so much worrying about others.

  23. I have not had a haircut or any beauty treatment in over 6 months. I am trying to stay positive while looking for a job (lost mine in Feb), but just don’t think I look that great. My hair has lost its shine, my skin is blotchy and I definitely can lose a few pounds. I need that push to get me started and hopefully reignite that pep in my step again! As a mother of four, I always put myself last when it comes to taking the time to make self-improvements.

  24. Laura says:

    Oh, I could SO use this. I am a mom to six kids (read: tired and overweight), a full-time grad student, and my husband is deployed until November. I really wanted to lose a lot of weight and make a lot of changes during the year he’s been deployed, but so far all that has happened has been to maintain the status quo.

  25. Sandra says:

    I really need a makeover because I have spent the blast year and a half on chemo due to Lymphoma. Imjustbhad a stem cell transplant and am doing good, but my body really needs a makeover and I need thebstress relief! Thank you, Sandra

  26. Maria G. says:

    I would love to have a fresh start with a summer makeover, I was in an abusive marriage for many years. It did not start off like that but got worse as time went on. I finally got out and never looked back after my ex-husband threw me down the stairs when I was 4 months pregnant. I am now raising my son on my own with no financial or any other type of support from him. (he signed away his parental rights as he had no interest in being involved with me or his child unless he could control every aspect of the relationship). Everyday is a new adventure and every day I get stronger and stronger. I am working hard to build a well-adjusted home for my son. This does not allow me a lot of time for diet and exercise. Getting back on track would help me to continue rebuilding my self esteem and keep me going on the right path of taking back my life.

  27. I need a mini-makeover before football season starts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. debbielynne says:

    I really hope I’m one of the lucky three selected. I just finished up nursing school and need to get myself back on track. (NO time for yourself as a nursing student!) I just started a new job and this would really help motivate me and keep me accountable as well!

  29. Tracy Whitehead says:

    Hi my name is tracy. i am a 47 female who has always put my family first. Bat i am going trought a major id crieses. My kids want my to stop wearing my hair up in a old hair clip that they do not sell anymore. I do not know what to do with the hair style that looks like i have a mo hawk. But be able to help me out. I am loosing my spoue and my kids hate my hair but it is the easy way to go. PLEASE HELP ME. Stuck in the 80

  30. Casey Miller says:

    I am not a mother yet but my due date is September 27th. I would love to win this Makeover to make myself feel better and as of right now my babies dad wants nothing to do with me I’m not sure what to do about that but I think if I could win this Makeover it would make me feel like I am beautiful and I wont have to worry about my babies dad cuz I will feel amazing

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