Get a Ballet Body Without the Barre: Fitness Trend Focus

Moms Kate Beckinsale and Kendra Wilkinson squeeze in workouts…how do you find time?

The Trend: Lengthening your muscles using ballet style movements…

Many celebrity moms love ballet inspired workouts because of it’s fat shedding, muscle toning effect (without creating bulk), but it’s almost impossible to get a good workout in during those busy days as a (non-celeb) momma. If you really want a quick, seamless workout (without using tons of time and cash), we are deeply in love with the In Stride Electric Stepper (learn more about it here), because all you need is 10 minutes!

This product is small and compact (it can fit underneath your bed!), and let’s you exercise in the privacy of your own home (yes, that includes cardio in your bunny slippers). You can customize your own workouts to fit your body and schedule (mixing it up with lunges, squats, and speed stepping intervals). It’s a quick way to get toned, lean muscles and a stronger core (without finding time to get to the gym or exercise outside). And if you have absolutely no idea how you can do all of these things, just check out our simple stepper video, showing you how to tone your legs in just minutes a day!

Now that you know how you can lengthen and tone your muscles at home (with little expense and commitment), are you still craving that gym class environment? One of the hottest fitness trends around right now is called Physique 57! Originally created as an exercise studio in only three locations, Physique 57 has now become famous for their intense workouts that feature techniques using weights and a ballet barre to create enviable, strong bodies of ballet dancers. But if you aren’t a celebrity mom or busy city lady (who can attend weekly classes), you can still get some of the results at home: just check out their new exercise videos!

* Fitness Sound Off: What do you think? Would you trade in gym sneakers for ballet slippers and try out this new fitness trend?

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One comment on “Get a Ballet Body Without the Barre: Fitness Trend Focus
  1. Ashley Cole says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. I like that ballet’s getting out there, but without someone to fix your posture and your hips, i think a lot of people will be doing it wrong. Form first, fitness later. lol

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