Fung Your Life (And Revamp Your Home)

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The Inspiration: I could not be more excited about moving in to a new house with my little girls. The part I’m not excited about? All of the effort that goes in to redecorating (especially if you’re somewhat satiated with nothing, like me). I’d honestly be happy living in a cardboard box if it had coffee and chocolate provided, so finding ways to enhance my somewhat-boho living space without breaking the bank and/or straining myself has been a learning experience to say the least. Here is what I’ve learned thus far…

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* Dig Around: As poor as I am? Try finding old trinkets and rejected items at your local Goodwill or thrift shop that can be re-marketed in other ways. This old crate has become a fabulous TV stand and DVD holder (but it could also rock as a coffee table or lamp stand too!)

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* Bring The Outside In: This door was found down in the basement of our new place, cleaned off, and propped up as inside art instead (I say this losely and lightly, as I basically had nothing to do with this brilliant concept).

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* Swing Those Doors: Tiny changes might seem like they aren’t worth it (at least if you’re like me and you’ve been nicknamed “Bare Minimum” by your friends), but can go a long way. Try finding a sexy man to change the hinges on your fridge as I did, so they open in a way that doesn’t interrupt the room. Better yet, remove closet doors completely and replace with an artsy shower curtain instead. Whatever the shift, make sure that your doors aren’t interrupting your home, and you’ll have a lot more room to breath. (Sexy man entirely optional.)

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* Get Lazy…er: Hate hanging things as much as I do? Try simply leaning your favorite photos, artwork, frames or mirrors for an eclectic look instead. If you must hang something, try tacking to the wall with velcro hanging tape. This allows you to mix, match and move your favorite art work or posters as much as you please so things never get stale.

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* Smell Sassy, Look Classy: I had a Scentsy holder (similar to the generic brand version pictured above) that literally exploded a few days ago when I tried to plug it in. After wiping the black ash from my hands and insuring I hadn’t been completely electrocuted, I realized that candles have expiration dates… and it’s worth the investment to change yours relatively often. The good news is my new candle plug-in was only $10, but actually enhanced the design of the house (win + win).

Sound Off:What is your favorite low key design tip?

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One comment on “Fung Your Life (And Revamp Your Home)
  1. Kathleen Marler says:

    Awesome! I love how you always make the best of everything – yourself, your home, and your girls. All your little touches mean alot and make a loved home and life <3

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