Frozen, Shaken, Stirred? Tap into your POW(D)ER!: Giveaway Thursday Roundup

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It’s our favorite time of week again…Giveaway Thursdays! Now, we have been giving away a lot of goodies lately: between weekly giveaways on Makeover Momma TV and brand new giveaways last night at our Makeover Madness Twitter Party…but don’t worry! We still have an amazing, one of a kind giveaway that YOU could win from Propel….

Propel is looking for best powder recipe, using their new Propel Powder Packets with Calcium. You can enter right here, right now, on Makeover Momma (don’t worry- I’ll make sure they see your fabulous recipe)…

* What Is It? Propel® Powder packets with Calcium are low in calories and offer a good source of calcium, antioxidant vitamins and B vitamins in each serving. (So you can get stronger bones, while you’re doing a bone strengthening workout or running around after the kids!)

* How Do You Enter? Post a Propel® Powder recipe and you could win free product from Propel®. It’s that simple. Just post a small recipe in my comment section below (for example, my own entry would be: “I love mixing one Propel calcium packet with calcium-fortified orange juice and tons of crushed ice for a bone strengthening smoothie.”) I have posted my comment below…now go ahead and join me!

* That’s it! I will take your amazing recipes, and spread the news in a special Makeover Momma video (giving you the best chance to shine)…so get your entries in fast! All comments on Makeover Momma must be received by July 2’nd. To review rules and regulations, check out this link.

* The Prize: If we present a winning idea to Propel, you and I each get our own Apple iPad! Yes, a real Apple iPad (valued at $799!) I will create a video to help showcase the best winning recipe ideas…and you could be the winner! Plus, we’d both get 12 packets of Propel Powder with Calcium to try for ourselves…

So get going, and comment fast!

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Makeover Mommaâ„¢ occasionally receives cosmetic products for review, with no obligation to positively promote or cover said brand. Receiving products has absolutely no influence over our recommendation of any particular product. Makeover Momma is posting this giveaway along with She and the Pepsi Cola Company. Both the winning blog and the winner comment will be awarded an Apple iPad for their entry.

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48 comments on “Frozen, Shaken, Stirred? Tap into your POW(D)ER!: Giveaway Thursday Roundup
  1. Caitlin says:

    I have two ideas and I can’t pick between them!

    Frozen Cherry Limeade
    Mix one Propel Cherry Lime Calcium packet with Sprite Zero, cherry juice, and a juice of a few lines. Add ice and blend for a sweet, low-cal, healthy frozen treat to beat the summer heat!


    Frozen Lemonade
    Mix on Propel Lemonade Calcium packet to some Crystal light lemonade, add ice and blend! Yummy, low-cal, and a great calcium-rich treat for adults and kids!

    Obviously, I’m all about the frozen drinks right now since it’s been 80 degrees since 8 a.m. here!

    P.S. We could remove the “name brands” and replace with generic ones if we need to!

  2. I LOVE these ideas…so cute!

  3. Jamie says:

    Spiked Lemonade

    One Propel Lemonade Packet.
    Handful of frozen Strawberries
    A splash of soda water
    A few ice cubes

    Blend together and you have a great low calorie drink!

    (you can also throw in some Margarita mix for those of us that like a little kick1)

  4. amy dendy says:

    mix grape propel with water in large water sports bottle. add frozen seedless grapes and blueberries, to cool the drink. easy and refreshing

  5. Megan says:

    mix half citrus punch and half lemonaid with a bottle of water and freeze until it is slush. Enjoy on a hot summer day! Delish!

  6. sarah says:

    My husband commutes to work on his bike everyday 20 miles each way (he loves it BTW). When he gets home he gets out the blender, uses orange propel packet, water, 1 scoup of chocolate whey protien powder & 1/2 cup of orange sherbert & blends. It is amazing 🙂 My 18 month old comes running when she hears the blender, she loves it!!

  7. That sounds SO good…I would never have thought to mix those ingredients together!

  8. Amanda Simon says:

    I will go for more of a night sort of drink recipe 🙂

    2 oz Malibu (or other coconut flavored rum)
    pineapple juice
    packet of Propel Citrus Punch
    splash of orange juice
    Dash of Grenidine for color and added sweetness

    Shake it until the powder is dissolved and pour over ice. Serve with a garnish of orange slice.

  9. Lisa Collins says:

    I like to take 3/4 Propel Lemon and add 1/4 7-up and drop in a fresh lime half and a fresh lemon half. Gives it a bubbly, spritzer feel. Next, I want to try and mix the Propel Lemonade and Berry flavors with several cut up fruits to make a non-alcholic type of Sangria!

  10. Larry Darnell says:

    I love to get a variety of different propel flavors and make icy pops for the kids and I especially like using the calcium enhanced ones for exercise treats for adults.

  11. Haylee says:

    Mmm I’d go with this..
    Vodka+Grenedine+Propel = yum!

  12. Ann Booth says:

    This is my Purple Haze Smoothie

    2 Bananas- frozen cut into chunks
    1 Pear
    1 Cup Blackberries
    packet of Grape Propel
    Handful Spinach

    Blend till smooth

    Tastes Great!

  13. Katie says:

    Mix 1 and 1/2 packets of propel lemonaid with calcium in blender with 1 cup water, 2 cups ice, 1 scoop icecream (vanilla) and 3 or 4 strawberries or rasberries *for rasberries use about 1 cup*

    Blend untill well mixed. Enjoy with a strawberry garnish on your cup and beat the heat 😀

  14. val says:



    On these hot days, I bring two: One I fill with just ice and leave in the car. The other I put in my pocketbook! Breakfast and lunch taken care of! Lost 12 pounds in two weeks!

  15. Aymee says:

    When my son asks for a snow cone I take out my snow cone maker. Instead of using that snow cone syrup that is loaded with with lots of sugar, I use one of the lemonade or cherry lime Propel packets. I just mix it up and yummy. He loves the snow cones and I have had to make lots of them for his friends too.

  16. shepard says:

    the cherry lime propel+tea+peppermint schnapps=delicious drink that also makes you feel cooler when it\’s 107 degrees outside!

  17. Jamie S. says:

    I mix 1 packet of propel lemonaid with calcium into a tub of cool whip. Place a dalop of the lemonaid cool whip on top of a slice of short cake smoothered with fresh strawberries and you have a very refreshing lemon and strawberry delight.

  18. Claudia M says:

    Propel Smoothie
    1 cup fat free yogurt (vanilla or another flavor)
    2 cups mixed fruits (I like berries, bananas, and mango)
    1 pouch Propel Powder ( Kiwi-Strawberry are our favorites )
    6 ice cubes.

    Put all in blender and blend to desired consistency.

  19. Lacy says:

    Make you normal propel, put frozen fruit in it to make the drink cold and you’ll get a little bit of something to munch on in the end. =]]

    Mix ice and propel in a blender with Frozen fruit for a icey drink with a extra pow.

  20. Lacy says:

    Make you normal propel, put frozen fruit in it to make the drink cold and you\’ll get a little bit of something to munch on in the end. =]]

    Mix ice and propel in a blender with Frozen fruit for a icey drink with a extra pow.

  21. Lydia R. says:

    I use 4 Lemonade propel packets in a white cake mix for a summery and light lemony cake. I add vanilla pudding to flavor the mix. After it’s baked, I pour a microwaved bowl of white frosting for a glazed topping effect. My kids love it.

  22. I have found the greatest way to punch up cup cakes for summer with new flovrs. I add the grape pouches to vanilla or cream cheese icing and ice vanilla cup cakes. I like to use 3 for each can of icing but you may want to adjust to your own taste. You can use the cherry lime on key lime cup cakes or cherry chip cup cakes. It makes a simple and totally different feel to your desert.

  23. angie larson says:

    I take sugar free jello , strawberry-bananna , mix with recommended amount of hot water , then i take the stawberry propel ,mix with a little less cold water and mix wth the jello…put in fridg till its ready and dish it up, with a dolop of cool whip and my family loves it. the propel gives the jello a lot of extra flavor with out the calories….ummmmm-good

  24. Holly says:

    1 can crushed pineapples ( including juice)
    1 1/2 cup pina colada mix
    1 pack Propel Citrus punch poweder
    Ice ( enough to fill 1/3 of blender)

    Mix ingredients in blender until smooth and ice is broken down.

    Top with light whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry for a cute and fun summer treat even the kids will love. ( for an adult version, add 1/2 cup coconut rum)

  25. Kristin Wilson says:

    6-8 Strawberries
    1 orange
    1 cup blueberries
    One propel packet (Kiwi-Strawberry) to add some zing
    Freeze in Popsicle container or ice cube tray.

    Makes an excellent tasty treat for the kiddos.

  26. 2 strawberry-kiwi propel packets
    20 oz. of water
    4-6 large scoops of vanilla icecream (about 3 1/2 cups)
    4-6 fresh strawberries
    1 fresh kiwi
    Mix the propel packets in the water and put in the freezer until slushy.
    Add watre/propel mix to the icecream and blend.
    hull and slice the strawberries, peel and dice the kiwi, add to the icecream and blend on low until mixed well. Serve in chilled glasses, makes a great shake. You can substitute frozen yogurt for icecream.
    2 pkgs. any fruit flavored propel( Iprefer peach mango)
    8 oz. softened cream cheese
    6-8oz. plain yogurt
    blend all ingredients together until well mixed.
    serve with chilled fresh fruit. If it isn’t sweet enough for your taste, add more propel.

  27. Kim Papple says:

    1 grape propel packet
    mix as directed and pour into ice cube tray.
    Use ice cubes in soft drinks, such has sprite or 7UP or plain water.

  28. mistie says:

    lemonaid propell
    frozen stawberries
    frozen bluberries
    blended into a great no sugar smoothies healthy and yummy

  29. Shawna Trimmell says:

    I call my recipe \"Propello\"

    There are a few ways you can do this to make it yummy and different.

    1 pack of flavorless jello
    1 pack of your favorite propel

    Make the jello according to the directions on box. After mixing together jello package and hot water, mix in a pack of your favorite propel. Then chill in the fridge and enjoy!

    *You can also choose your favorite jello flavor to match your choice of flavored propel.

    *For an even healthier snack you can mix in your favorite fruit.

    “Propello” is not only quick and easy to make, but healthy as well because it\’s full of calcium, antioxidant vitamins and B vitamins. Enjoy!

  30. Birdie S. says:

    I take 3 of pkts pf Propel cherrylime add to 1quart of water then add 1pint of lime sherbert blend till frothy then add limeice cubes with cherrys frozen inside pour in a large FROSTED glasses & ENJOY …YUMMMMMMM

  31. Jessica says:

    Take the cherry-lime propel with calcium, Stevia lime soda, blend and pour over shaved ice with floating whole acai berries and a sprig of mint for garnish. And if your feeling frisky add some liquer to your refreshing yet healthy concoction.

  32. Cindy F says:

    Here is a super easy crockpot recipe that is so delicous

    1 package boneless chicken breasts or thighs
    2 propel lemonade packets
    1 cup water
    1/4 cup ketchup
    4 tablespoons brown sugar
    2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    1 can chicken broth
    1 clove garlic minced

    Add all ingredients to crock pot on high for 6-8 hours..serve over rice or egg noodles..yumm- eat and enjoy!

  33. melissa says:

    frozen cocktail

    1 1/2 oz. Tequila
    1 oz. Melon Liqueur
    3 cups ice
    2 packets any flavor propel
    add all in blender.

  34. Sue says:

    I love to entertain and people think I spend sooo much time with recipes, but I am always looking for simple or quick recipes full of flavor.

    To serve at your next backyard bash –
    One container of Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream
    2-3 packets of Citrus Propel
    One container of Gingerale/Sprite/7-Up
    One pack of froze strawberries and one banana blended
    Some ice to keep it cool
    Kids – Grab a cup, scoop and enjoy!
    Adults – add the alcohol (triple sec and some light runm), put the kids to bed and enjoy!

  35. Michelle says:

    Strawberry Lemonade Granita!

    1c hot water
    3/4c superfine sugar
    1 packet Propel lemonade
    1tsp fresh rosemary, finely chopped
    1lb strawberries, washed, hulled, and quartered
    Lemon zest, for garnish

    – Mix water, sugar, rosemary, Propel lemonade powder in a bowl. Stir until well combined.
    – Place strawberries in a food processor and blend until smooth.
    – Add sugar syrup to strawberry puree and blend until well combined.
    – Pour mixture into 13×9 pan and freeze.
    – Take pan out every 20-30mins and scrape the frozen mixture until all the frozen pieces are broken and mixed well with the remaining liquid. – Repeat every 20-30mins until all liquid is frozen.
    – Garnish with rosemary springs and lemon zest, if desired.

  36. Susan says:

    Looks like a lot of people have the same idea of a smoothie! I like to put in vanilla yogurt, a handful of frozen berries, some honey if I’m feeling super sweet and any of the fruity propel with calcium packets. I feel I’m getting an added boost first thing in the morning and it tastes great!

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity

  37. Kelly says:

    Here’s an idea for a quick and light dessert:

    Frozen Bone- Building Blueberry Mango Cream Cups

    1 packet mango flavored Propel with calcium
    2 (6 oz) blueberry fruit on the bottom yogurt
    3/4 cup fat free whipped cream topping
    1/4 cup crushed graham crackers
    1/2 tsp. sugar
    1 tsp. melted margarine
    3 (6 oz) paper cups
    Stir together the Propel packet and yogurt in a medium mixing bowl. Fold in the whipped cream and set aside.
    In a small bowl mix together the graham cracker crumbs, sugar and melted margarine.
    Spoon even amounts of the graham cracker mixture into the paper cups. Press the mixture into the bottom of the cups with a spoon or your fingers. Spoon the yogurt mixture evenly on top of each graham cracker layer. Cover the cups with plastic wrap and freeze 2 to 3 hours.

  38. Candice Goewey says:

    Bluberry/Cherry with honey and chill until it has a light frost.

  39. Candice Goewey says:

    here you go. blueberry and cherry with honey and chill until it has a light frost

  40. Valerie says:

    How about adding Propel lemon to a packet of lime jello or to vanilla pudding!

  41. Bel says:

    Okay My favorite Propel mix is for the adults!

    Knock-out Punch

    1 pouch of Citrus Punch
    1oz-pineapple juice
    3oz-lemon-lime soda
    2oz-Malibu Rum
    Serve over ice, garnish withe a lemon or lime slice and ENJOY by the pool!

  42. Melanie Calcut says:

    1 pack Propel Citrus punch powder
    1 ripe banana
    1/2 cup frozen peaches
    1/2 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries
    1/2 cup apple juice
    Blend and enjoy

  43. Sandy Nevels says:

    Here’s my recipe for “Propel Powder Pie”:

    9 – Propel Cherry Lime Packets
    1 – 14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
    1 – small container of Cool Whip
    1 – Graham Cracker Pie Crust

    1. In a mixing bowl, pour in the sweetened condensed milk. Next, empty the packets of Propel into the condensed milk and mix throughly.
    2. After mixing the sweetened condensed milk and the Propel together you will then mix in the Cool Whip. Mix thoroughly.
    3. After mixing for a few minutes pour the mixture into the graham cracker pie crust.
    4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Serve.

  44. Sandy Nevels says:

    Here’s another quick recipe:

    ProApple – Lemontini

    7 packets of Propel Lemonade Packets
    2 cups of cold water
    1 granny smith apples, cored and quartered
    1/4 vodka (can substitute club soda for a non-alcoholic version)


    1. Blend all ingredients except vodka in a blender until its smooth.
    2. Strain mixture into a pitcher and discard the pulp. Stir the vodka into the lemonade mixture.
    3. Serve over ice & garnish glass with an apple slice.

  45. Lemon Green Tea

    1 lemonade propel packet
    1 cup green tea
    1 cup ice

    after steeping add the lemon packet and ice. This so refreshing and energizing……………

  46. Amber says:

    Propel Fitness Cupcakes

    1 box of Vanilla Cake Mix
    2 Packets of Propel Fitness Powder Drink (Cherry, or any flavor you’d like)
    1 tbsp Water

    1 cup of Unsalted butter
    1.5 cups of Confectioners Sugar
    1 Packet of Propel Fitness Powder Drink (cherry, or other flavor)
    1 tbsp Milk

    Mint springs, or colorful Sprinkles, or Fruit (fresh raspberries, strawberries, etc)

    Mix Vanilla Cake Mix according to instructions, add 2 packets of Propel Fitness Powder Drink, but add one extra tbsp of Water. Mix thoroughly, and pour into cupcake pans. Bake according to directions on box.

    Once cupcakes are cooled, frost them using the frosting recipe below.

    Whip one cup of softened butter with half a cup of Confectioners sugar, add half a tbsp of milk. Mix on medium using hand mixer or stand mixer. Add the remaining amount of Confectioners sugar, and the rest of the milk. Whip until smooth and fluffy, if too dry, add more milk and continue to mix, if too runny add more confectioners sugar. Once completely whipped, fold in 1 packet of Propel Fitness Water. Frost cupcakes, and garnish.

  47. Olga says:

    1 whole raw cauliflower cut in little pieces
    1 Propel calcium packet
    1 cup of Nutritional Yeast
    1 cup of crushed roasted & salted cashew nuts
    olive oil

    Mixed everything together. You won’t believe how tasty this is until you try it. Believe me

  48. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Your ideas and recipes were so amazing, that you made me think “you can use Propel that way?” You truly took me by surprise.

    I created a video with 5 of your stand out recipes, and those entries have been submitted to Propel. Hopefully one of you will have the winning answer! Video coming soon!

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