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Makeover Momma Product Review:

The Glutino Brand Gluten-Free Premium Pizza Crusts are the perfect size for a personal pizza, and take a mere 10 minutes to cook. You can add just about anything to these individual pizzas to make them special (check out Makeover Momma’s protein packed recipe for Quick Hummus Veggie Pizza).

Then again, if you like your pizza crust soft, chewy and pliable, these certainly are not the crusts for you. The Glutino brand is very hard, and often tastes more like a crispy pita bread or morning bagel than actual pizza. Add healthy toppings like low-fat lean cheese, lean grilled meats, or fresh veggies it can create a fantastic fast dinner. Better yet, try getting truly creative by adding 4 tablespoons of gluten-free or organic peanut butter, 1 full banana (sliced), and tons of cinnamon for a sweet take on dessert or breakfast.


  1. Individually portioned for a personal pizza
  2. If you don’t have time to eat, they wont go bad in your freezer
  3. They only take 10 minutes to cook
  4. You can put just about anything on these pizzas to dress them up
  5. They are a quick and simple gluten-free meal idea for those with allergies or health concerns


  1. Not a good choice if you want soft crust
  2. Very hard and crusty- more like a bagel than pizza dough
  3. Not large portion if you want family-size pizza
  4. If you don’t have to eat gluten-free, you might want to try a brand like Healthy Choice or Amy’s (pre-made pizzas)

About The Product:

  • Glutino Brand Premium Pizza Crusts come 4 to a pack
  • Gluten-free, wheat-free, milk-free, and casein-free
  • 1 crust= 240 calories, Total Fat 4.5g, and total Carbohydrate 49 g
  • Contains no trans fats, cholesterol, refined sugar, or hydrogenated oils
  • Keep in your freezer

Bottom-Line: These individual frozen pizza crusts certainly can’t top fresh home-made pizza dough, but they may come in a handy when you need a fast, portion-perfect healthy meal for you or your kids.

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