Flatter Your Body In An Evening Gown Like Kate Winslet And Salma Hayek: Exclusive Interview With Couture Designer Don O’Neill

Kate Winslet and Salma Hayek look gorgeous in evening dresses…what’s your favorite look?

Wish you could have that Cinderella moment for your next “night out”, but never sure what dress suits your body? We were lucky enough to interview couture designer Don O’Neil, the creative director for THEIA Couture. Since the collection is intended “to bring out every woman’s goddess”, we couldn’t wait to steal tips for feeling like one too…

1. So many moms shy away from the idea of wearing an evening dress, because they are scared about changes in their body… What is one of the most universally flattering things to look for in evening wear?

“Empire waisted gowns,with long Flowing skirts tend to be the most universally flattering. Our THEIA empire dresses have structured little bodices that support the bust beautifully, from which fall flowing skirts with soft pleats or separate long cascades as center front details that effortlessly camouflage any waistline issues (while giving an overall very slimming effect!) Many of our gowns also come with a matching shawl that can either conceal a problem area or add a little extra coverage or warmth.”

2. Theia Couture has such beautiful, figure-flattering designs for all women. What inspired you to create your current collection?

“The Current collection , continues our figure flattering goal. This time I was inspired by the Celestial night sky and its spiraling galaxies. There are inky midnight blue dresses beaded with tiny sequins to resemble the starry night sky, the rings of Jupiter inspired a metallic striped cocktail dress, Midnight blue satins shimmer as if moonlight was woven in to the very fabric.The Spiraling galaxies inspired asymmetrically draped dresses, their bodices wrapping around the body , elongating and slimming the torso. Pitch Black patent leather swishes in Fringes around the body , and a Black leather ruffle cocktail dress takes us to a more distant darker galaxy , a new edgier side of Theia.”

3. If a plus-size momma feels uncomfortable in traditional evening wear, what kind of bust-line or shape dress will make her feel confidant?

“The plus size momma always looks good in our Strapless gowns.They are constructed with a built in corset to give her all the support and confidence she needs. The corsets stretch, so not only do they support, but they allow room to breathe, shaping the body without constricting it.

Our Gowns have a variety of different skirts, all of them expertly cut to be flattering and forgiving. Our Signature Goddess gown has been incredibly successful with our plus size mommas [see red dress above]”

4. What is one of the biggest mistakes a woman makes in dressing her figure? How can they avoid choosing the wrong dress?

“Wearing the wrong size dress (usually too small) is a big “no no”. A tight fit does not necessarily mean you look smaller! As for how to avoid the wrong dress, personal taste varies so much. All I can say is that if in doubt, chose THEIA. You cannot go wrong! So much time and effort goes in to each dress.

We select exquisite fabrics, refining the cut and drape to create flattering styles, perfecting the fit to insure our ladies will feel confident and always look beautiful and elegant in THEIA.”

* Sound Off: What is your number one figure-flattering tip for formal dresses?

Credit: © Celebrity Gossip

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