Fitness Motivations For Weight Loss Success: Getting Friendly With A Real Momma

What motivates you to workout (like fitness mommas Halle Berry and Sophia Vergera?

We love our Real Momma contributors because they don’t have personal trainers, nannies or pricey private chefs to feel good about themselves. They meet their fitness and lifestyle goals by their own accord, hard work and motivations. Want to get motivated by Real Momma Julie, who has recently lost 50 pounds with healthy eating and exercise? Read this…. (Plus, watch Julie get a Walmart budget beauty makeover in our  New Mom Makeover video next Monday!)

Julie says: Stay motivated to exercise by setting a goal… like running a 5k!!

I’ve posted before about my weight loss successes, but I wanted to share one of the things that was a true motivator for me: which was training to run a 5k race with my husband!

In March, we both ran our first 5k, and are now addicted to the experience (as we are planning/training for another one this summer and then another one in the fall!) One of the things that was so amazing about the entire experience was that we made it a family affair – so I hope to inspire other moms to do the same!

We have a 2 year old daughter, Ella, and we had been talking and trying to figure out what exactly she would be doing while we ran (because she’s not quite the stroller type gal.) My mom came to town to stay with her, and the morning of the race we were trying to decide if she should come or stay at the house…so my mom had a cool idea. She asked Ella what she wanted to do, and when my mom said “Ella do you want to go watch Mommy and Pop run?”, she responded with complete enthusiasm “SURE!” So we all loaded up in the car, and I can truly say that the experience would not have been the same without her (and my mom and her husband of course!)

The event was so exciting and we all felt it together as a family. After the start of the race, my mom saw us rounding the corner, and when my husband and I (who were actually side by side at the time) were coming down the home stretch my daughter and mother were in the street cheering us on! (This made all the difference in the world!!) We were not racing to win (only to finish), and we definitely reached that goal (and both beat our personal best time by more than a minute!)!

I really think having this type of goal as motivation made a huge difference with my weight loss and it also was an amazing experience for our family.
My husband and I helped each other by keeping each other on track and sticking to our training routines, and having my daughter there to watch turned out to be the true ‘prize’ – as my mom handed her over to me just as I crossed the finish line! What an incredible feeling… and it is attainable to anyone who sets their mind to it (especially moms!)

* Speak Up: What was the last fitness goal you trained for?

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