Turbo Jam Workouts — Fitness Momma Suggestion

     Ever wonder what other mommas are doing to stay fit? Check out this recent advice from Makeover Momma reader Jennifer or try submitting an idea of your own!

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           Busy mother Gwyneth Paltrow is known for combining dance and Yoga workouts (in addition to   walking with  workout buddy and fellow momma, Madonna).  How Jennifer Stays Fit:

“I wanted to share a workout video I’ve been using recently. Have you ever heard of Turbo Jam? I saw it on an infomercial back last spring (and I never ever have done anything based on an infomercial), but I went online and ordered it. And now I’m really glad I did. I’ve been using the videos since March, along with eating a healthier, fruit and veggie rich diet. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds! I feel great, my clothes fit better… I’m in better shape now than before I even had kids!”


What Her Workouts Consist Of:

“The workouts are pretty easy – a combo of various punches, kicks, a little tai chi, yoga and capoeira thrown in for good measure. “


How She Fuels Her Workouts:

“I’ve recently found that it’s really helpful to key in on my hunger (before eating). I try to only eat when I feel hungry, and then eat slowly (when possible…because you can’t eat very slowly when you only have 4 minutes to eat breakfast and get out the door!) When I feel satisfied I stop eating …no matter what is left on my plate.  If I feel full, I stop eating. Simple concept, but it works! The days of eating until I feel absolutely stuffed are over. And it really surprises me … why do we as a society continue to eat and eat until we’re completely miserable?”

 *Have a Fitness Suggestion of your own? What workouts or diet have worked for you as a mother? Simply want to comment on Jennifer’s idea? Email your comments, advice or suggestions to Makeover Momma, and get in on the discussion!  

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