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Staying fit can seem nearly impossible as a new mother…and can seem down right impossible if you have a full family to boot. Many women report gaining weight or a decline in overall physical fitness after becoming married, let alone after they’ve had children. Although, some wives or partners are blessed with spouses who are Tri-Athletes or naturally fit (hello, Angelina Jolie), the majority of us ladies may have a hard time keeping ourselves fit while balancing the needs of our families. In my case, those needs most often include my husband’s overwhelming desire to watch NFL highlights in his boxers while eating a box of Drumsticks (either the ice cream cones or the chicken- takeout, your pick). Needless to say, in order to keep everyone healthy, you just might have to employ some sneaky tactics to get everyone involved.

To kick off our “Fit with Family” monthly idea, we realized that one of the easiest ways to get the family involved isn’t an elaborate class or work-out regimen, but rather simply changing the channel on the station they’re watching. So pop in one of the following workout DVDs reviewed in the weeks to come, and you just might get everyone up off their feet…and lifting something other than ice cream cones.

  • Dynamic Partner Yoga is a DVD that practices the idea of using your significant other to stretch deeper and find more strength in basic yoga postures. Although the uber-yogi in me secretly wishes I could stretch and twist intimately with my hubby, finding a closer bond and spirituality with our exertion…I know that this is really just an open invitation for him to make more weird bodily noises, and crude pretzel jokes. I think most women should probably keep the yoga chants to ourselves, unless we have particularly enlightened and open-minded spouses.

*LESSON LEARNED: Yoga might make our muscles lean and long, but it might just be too much of a stretch for the average Joe

  • Leslie Sansone Family Health Package features 3 different family oriented “Walk at Home” workouts: Family Walk, Kid’s Walk, and Teen Walk. I greatly recommend trying all of these DVDs, or whichever one pertains to your family the most. The Family Walk is geared mostly for parents with children of all ages, and helps them follow along with your movements (or in some cases, simply run wild) while you get a low-impact aerobic style workout. However, The Kid’s Walk and Teen Walk are targeted specifically for your children to do (and not for you), but I would jump in and try these if my daughter was old enough!

*LESSON LEARNED: Personally, all of these DVD’s provide cardio, movement, and calorie burn (and who can argue with that), but probably something you’d rather do once your child is long past the toddler age

Stay tuned for next weeks conclusion to Fitness Momma DVD reviews!!

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