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       As the hot weather rises in the summer, going outdoors to exercise with your children can seem less and less appealing. Instead of giving up your workouts all together, try becoming a fitness-video junkie (without breaking the bank).

As hard as it may seem to take time aside for yourself during the day, it’s important for your health (as well as your child’s health and your future as your child’s parent) for you to teach them that once per day you have “exercise time.” Let your child join in on the videos with you or create a “boredom basket” filled with stickers, snacks and coloring books that your child can only use during your fitness video workouts.

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Feel this big? Slim down like Jennifer Lopez and other fit moms…without leaving the house!

  • You can get a wonderful workout right in the comfort of your own home, without needing a gym membership! Try getting 5 workout videos for each day of the week, and use them to create variety and fun in your routine. Aim to have 3 that include strength training to use on non-consecutive days, and others that involve fun and challenging cardiovascular such as walking, dancing, aerobics, or kickboxing.
  • If this seems more of a strain on your pocketbook than your body, try getting used videos from Goodwill, yard sales, or even renting from the library or local video store.
  • Websites such as offer affordable in-home exercise programs, or you can simply trade with a friend.
  • Get your fitness delivered by joining a website such as and signing up for a vast range of brand new exercise programs and DVDs, that will be delivered straight to your mailbox each week!
  • If you want a more personalized and intense program to help get you back in shape at home, you can try singing up for new systems such as Push TV ( At the cost of $25 per month, they will deliver a personalized fitness DVD every 2 weeks that has been completely catered to your goals, needs, fitness level, and even music preferences. It is literally like having your own personal trainer (whom you chose from a wide range of established celebrity gurus) who will coach you individually through your routine day-by-day to help you reach your goals.

*Stay tuned next month for Fit Family ideas for working out from home using your computer or friends (for free!)

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