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Get fit with your toddler outside like busy mother Jennifer Garner.

            It can seem nearly impossible to get fit when your hands are full with an infant, toddler, or tween…but fear no more! Our monthly Fit With Family suggestion will have you feeling slim while you play and interact with your little ones.

  • Baby Groove Game – Bond with your baby (and tone your own body) by trying this dancing challenge, which helps your little one learn about music and tempo, while you get fit. Hold baby in your arms for added weight, and put the radio on shuffle or “scan”. Practice dancing or rocking deeply (using your legs) to slow music, bouncing gently around the house for more up-tempo, or full on shaking it to fast songs. Use your entire body (and carry the weight of your baby) and you will be sweating in no time while your baby learns!
  • Toddler Animal Game – Help your little ones learn (and stay healthy) by creating your own “Act an Animal” game at home. Practice taking turns choosing an animal (or pulling the name from a hat or picking from a book), and then actively act out the creature. Jump all over the living room like a bunny, crouch and leap as a frog, or run extremely fast through your yard as a cheetah. Get creative, and just get moving!
  • Teenage Nature Knowledge Game – As the weather gets warmer, try taking your tween or teen outside for a walking game. As you stroll your neighborhood or park, pre-assign a certain speed to a certain animal. A flying bird is a slow stroll, a bird making a loud noise is a fast walk, a dog that is barking is a light jog, a squirrel or chipmunk is a fast run, and an unexpected animal is a quick break. Every time your teen spots one of the animals, you can change the pace of your walk accordingly. This will keep you moving, engaged, and learning about nature just by hitting the pavement!

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