Affordable Indoor Workouts — Fit With Family

      Need more ideas for staying fit and trim, without having to leave your home? As if gym memberships, rising gas prices and complicated schedules weren’t enough, pricey workout machines or weight systems for the home can be even more impractical. Instead, try these simple tips for exercising in your home using your computer or a neighbor…and nothing else!                                  Image Hosted by

                                          Don’t want to leave the house like Halle? Try working out from home instead.

  • Try bringing fitness into your home via your computer, by visiting a website such as Yoga Today (a Makeover Momma personal favorite). This amazing little site features brand new daily broadcasts by a handful of yoga experts, that will walk you through gentle, calming and challenging yoga routines for an hour every day…. completely for free!
  • Create your own diverse workout routine simply by access Fitness Magazine’s website for a variety of concise, challenging workout segments. If you don’t mind paying a small price, you can access a large library of workouts from Workouts On Demand (like having exercise classes in your own home!)
  • Try using the buddy system when it comes to exercising by strapping those little ones into a stroller or stomach pouch, and teaming up with friends to create a “Gab and Gate” walking group. Meeting a friend for exercise can be a great way to stay committed, while pushing each other along the way.
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One comment on “Affordable Indoor Workouts — Fit With Family
  1. This is a great idea, because I honestly don’t have the time to go to the gym a lot of the time. I love the idea of having a new workout every day, right in my own home! I’ll try this out.

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