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  Last month we at Makeover Mommaâ„¢ reviewed DVD’s that the entire family can enjoy, and this month we are finishing the Fit Family reviews (as practiced on our own families).

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  • Sesame Street Dance and Move Box Set is the ideal way to workout with your toddler, especially once they are walking and interested in bizarrely furry monsters. In my daughter’s case, Elmo is the rock star of her world, and this box set is the perfect way to save both, A) her from zoning out to a near Grover-induced coma, and B) my sorry butt from joining her. Although this is definitely an activity I prefer to save for when my spouse (or any other witnesses) is not around, I firmly believe that getting off the couch at any time to join your child in an activity and encouraging movement is a good thing. This particular set includes “Elmocize”, “Zoë’s Dance Moves,” and “Dance Along with Sesame.”

LESSON LEARNED: If you have a toddler (and not a lot of pride), then join in jumping, dancing, and moving with your baby…any movement is good movement, so who cares if you are burning calories with Big Bird?

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  • Infantastic Dance Baby Dance is a post-natal “cardio” workout where you dance and groove holding your baby, which helps you bond with your little one and burn fat at the same time. Personally, I loved this DVD in the first few months post-partum when I wanted to sweat without hurting myself. We had a lot of fun shaking and grooving, and carrying my daughter’s body weight provided a challenging (but not overwhelming) workout.

LESSON LEARNED: This tape is fun and relatively good exercise for newly post-partum mother. Although, I can’t wait to use it with the next baby, best to try it while they are still young!

  • Have an exercise video that you’d like us to review exclusively and extensively? Please email questions, comments, or suggestions!
  • Next Month: How to get outside and get moving with kids of every age!
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