Find Your Inner Grayce This Mother’s Day: Exclusive Interview With Molly Sims

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“Be graceful and grateful.”  This sincere advice was given to Molly Sims by her mother and was the inspiration for Grayce, her fashion jewelry line. Molly spent her childhood rummaging through her mother’s vintage jewelry collection. As a model, Molly became known for her unique and striking pieces, before transitioning to actress and entrepreneur.  However, her passion for statement pieces and originality did not wane, and Molly decided to launch her own line of jewelry that everyone could wear (from a 20 year old in Miami to her 72 year old mother).  She says, “I am not a trendy person.  I wanted to create affordable and good quality collection of jewelry.”

On May 5th, Molly announced the launch of, a website that showcases and sells her unique jewelry line. Molly says that she “makes her outfit around her jewelry” and hopes all women will wear her collection!

Molly Sims celebrates with Makeover Momma contributors Cara and Red Rover Style expert Rachael Ann.

Q & A: Molly Sims Exclusive Interview

Q: What was one of the difficulties you faced in starting your jewelry line?

A: “Creating the website was the trickiest part.  I wanted a web site that represented me and the jewelry.  I wanted it to be clean, girly, and fun.  I find it hard to buy clothing and accessories online because I like to see the product.  So, I worked hard to enable the shopper to browse online.”

Q: What is your favorite charity?

A: “PSI.  It is a global health organization and I am the ambassador for the children under 5 sector.  It has been the greatest learning experience and I encourage everyone to volunteer and pay it forward.  It is great to have a voice.”

Q: There are a lot of pressures on young girls from the media to be thin.  What is your biggest piece of advice for them?

A: “Well, I have been criticized so many times (and told that my calf was too big) that I don’t internalize it anymore.  I think it is awful that the media and society glamorize anorexia and bulimia.  I wish that girls would eat and then exercise in order to keep their weight in check.  If you feel good, you look good.”

Q: How do you stay in shape?

A: “It is hard! I exercise using the Tracey Anderson system.  This is a combination of cardio and pilates.  It helps to keep me toned while not adding bulk.”

Q: What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

A: “I am actually taking my mother with me on the Home Style Network.  We are going to be showcasing the line of jewelry I designed with her in mind.”

Go Inside Grayce: Molly’s Top Style Tips

* Don’t Get Stuck: Explore different looks! Many women play it safe and are weary of wearing long necklaces, mixing metals, or using color.

* Make Small Goals: “When I first began modeling I did not envision myself on the cover of Vogue.  Instead, I strove to be on smaller magazines and worked my way up.”

* Be Loyal With Beauty: Molly’s “can’t live without out it product” is Summer Tan by Bobbi Brown, so she sticks with what works for her.

* But Try New Things: Her favorite new product is Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil, and Molly advises mixing the oil with tinted moisturizer to keep your skin looking dewy and youthful.

* Pay It Forward: Working with others helps you to relate with others and appreciate the blessings you have.

* Understand Hard Work: Its tough to stay in shape…you have to work out and work hard!

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