Find The Perfect Bar For Your Family: Sunday Snack With Johanna


I love bars. It’s so easy to find the perfect back for you these days, because there are brands that cater to every kind of dietary restriction or specific taste. Check out my 5 favorite bars at the moment…

* These Odwalla SuperFood bars are a good source of calcium and iron. I am totally obsessed with the Odwalla SuperFood drink, so this bar is perfect for anyone who wants more from this brand!

* This bar, SoyJoy, is great for those on a gluten free diet, or anyone who loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter (who doesn’t, right?)

* Prana Supercharger bar is 100% USDA organic, filled with agave syrup, raspberries, and almond butter!  This is a great bar for those who go organic and love fruity goodness! And at only 200 calories a bar and under 9g of fat, its an excellent snack choice!

* The Clif Bar Shot Bloks are a totally new approach to the bar world. These bars come in chewable cubes, made for anyone needing fuel in the middle of a strenuous workout or tiring day. Each blok is 33 calories and contains zero fat! They have 50mg of caffeine to boost your energy and are made with organic ingredients, like organic brown rice syrup.

* NuGo Bars are another great nutrition bar. This bar is Vegan, high in protein, and USDA organic. Each bar is under 200 calories and with 5g of fat per bar. They are great for vegetarians, self-professed health nuts or anyone watching their weight.

Even though all of these bars offer something different for the quick snack on the go, they all have a commonality…they are all good for your health!

* Which bar do YOU want to try?

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