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* Whrrl of the Week: No matter how much we might want to deny it, our extra hour of sleep means it’s officially winter time (which also means it’s time for a new coat). Since I grew up in Florida, I seem to approach every winter like a toddler (though luckily I have the ability to wipe my nose when it’s 30 below). Even after years living in a chilly environment, I still have the tendency to waltz out the door without even thinking about a coat (and the ones currently hanging in my closet aren’t looking too pretty).

I have one trusty coat that I’ve used for years: a black peacoat (which I actually wore when my husband and I eloped), yet unfortunately, it collects more balls of lint than our washing machine. And even though I don’t mind a good lint roll now and again, it very often clashes with my more brown-themed outfits (never a good thing). I’ve been complaining about my need for a brown coat for some time now (we got married 5 years ago, so you do the math), and I had enormous success when ordering my bathingsuit from Lands End this past summer. After seeing my eldest sister (a mother of three) wear her Lands End bathingsuit every single year (without it ever looking frayed, baggy or worn), I decided to make the investment and get a seasonal piece that I could really use for a long time.

This is exactly why I knew that Lands End would be the perfect place to get my winter coat this year. In the end, I decided on the Women’s Luxe Down Coat because it’s durable, has layers (you can change the belt, remove the hood), and the Spice Brown color compliments almost everything. And with any luck, I’ll still be wearing it for our 50’th anniversary…. here’s hoping!

* Sound Off: How many winter coats do YOU own?

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