Find The Best At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011

* Fashion Breakdown of the Week:

It’s officially the first day of New York Fashion Week on Makeover Momma! This bi-annual tradition brings you all of the inside scoop on style that works for your life, trends that you can pull off, and beauty that won’t make you look like a nightmare from Black Swan. Even though I attended the festivities only briefly (thanks to a flu bug my lovely kiddos passed along), the special Makeover Momma contributing NYFW team as been assembled, and are hard at work all week to bring you the latest from the runway show trenches. Here’s what we’ve got so far….

The Best From Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Fall 2011 Season

* Jill Stuart Fall 2011

Get The Look At Home: I love attending Jill Stuart’s runway show each season, but this year was definitely full of changes. Not only was there a change in location (differing from her usual New York library event), but a distinctive change in design aesthetic as well. Perhaps Jill was deeply in touch with the autumn season, but there were enough quirky woodland creatures to satiate my 4 year old’s need for Disney cartoons for a lifetime. If you want to play around with this unique look yourself, try picking pieces with interesting patterns and funky designs, while sticking with a relatively dark color palette. Simple touches like belting a sleek coat or wearing bright tights with your heels will add dimension and playfulness (a la J.Stuart). Streamline your hair as much as your clothing by applying L’oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free Serum to strands, and flat ironing quickly to create straight, silky hair with tons of movement.

* Vivienne Tam Fall 2011

Get The Look At Home: As a dance teacher, I can’t help but love anything that mixes the theatrics of the classical stage with the beauty of runway design. Thankfully, this is exactly what Vivienne Tam did with her Fall 2011 collection. It fused a mix of influences (Chinese culture, opera and lady-like class), to create a baroque, dramatic affair. Get in touch with your own girly side by choosing ornate sweaters, full skirts and delicate knit dresses to recreate this look on your own. And since the clothing squeezed enough Mary Poppins + The Met + White Collar into one evening for me, you can let your hair and makeup take a break. Texturize strands with Redken Rough Paste 12, tease into a messy up do, and add a quick swipe of jet black liquid eyeliner for good measure. Fini!

* Mik Cire Fall 2011

Get The Look At Home: Why the heck would Makeover Momma report on a runway show for men? Well…why not? First of all, there was the rather pressing issue of our first ever male contributor on the team (important factoid), but secondly: Mik Cire was by far my favorite show last season. The relaxed, haphazard aesthetic was not only adorable on the male models (and could totally inspire you when secretly dressing that man in your life), but rubbed off on my own wardrobe as well. The best way to go get this laid back but slick look is fusing classic items (think long tailored coats, looped black scarves and perfectly fitted pants) with touches of “I don’t give a hoot” (leather jackets, bold pops of color and disheveled hair). And if you think we mommas can’t pull of the gorgeously understated locks seen during this show, think again. Simply scrunch PhytoCurl Spray into damp strands, wrap in two high buns until dry, and shake down for subtly styled waves with little effort.

* QVC and Vogue “25 To Watch”

Get The Look At Home: If you’re wondering how affordable, wearable items from QVC and the haute couture presence of Vogue could possibly mix, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. This runway show meshed the latest in new designs from QVC, including stylish options from fellow mommas/designers Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Rutherford and Camilla Alves. In addition to the models being beautifully healthy (no one falling over from dehydration here), the designs were something any woman could wear. Luckily, the beauty was just as wearable for everyday moms, thanks to the practical stylings of (super sweet) stylist Chaz Dean and makeup maven Mally Roncal. And since we’re totally BFF (witness my interview with Chaz and interview with Mally), I know you’ll love their product lines too.

Get The Look:

* Speak Up: Which of the above runway looks did YOU like the most?

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2 comments on “Find The Best At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011
  1. Kathleen Marler says:

    Great Job! I liked the Jill Stewart – especially the one on the right. Plus, loved your shoes…they were the B. Makowsky’s, right? Very cute and they look comfortable!

  2. Thanks so much! I loved the shoes too (because they could work in various seasons). Jill Stuart tends to use designs that could work various body types, so I definitely love her too : )

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