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Every month our Figure Flattery segment at Makeover Momma™ will highlight how to… well, highlight the best assets on your new mommy body. Whether showcasing the new curves your little one blessed you with (hello, push up bra!) or down playing some of that extra curvage (good morning Spanx!), learn how to use that womanly wardrobe to illuminate your oh-so womanly form.



Unfortunately, no matter how little (or much) ice cream and pickles we mothers ate during pregnancy, we cannot stop the stretching or widening of our bones while we were expecting. The more our hips widened during those nine months, the more we started to feel there was no turning back from our newfound “back”.

The bonus of newfound hips post-partum is that they are indisputably one of the sexiest assets known to man…on a woman. Instead of hiding those motherly curves, rock them out with a layered look that serves two purposes: 1) it flatters and actually slims your silhouette, 2) flaunts your beautiful hips in all their glory.


Layers create a lean, clean, curve accenting outfit, as long as the pieces are slim fitting. You want your outfit to hint at your post-baby beauty…not showcase everything in skin tight glory.

  1. Base Layer: Go for an extra-long layering tank in a dark color. Aim for one that is slim fitting, but not Spandex tight. The length will create a longer torso, which balances out those curvy hips.

Image Hosted by TRY: Old Navy Women’s Long Layering Tanks

  1. Lean Jeans: Deck out your bottom half with super flattering jeans (go for a dark wash, if you want to look slimmer). Aim to get jeans that hit right below your belly-button (mid-waist) to highlight hips without creating the dread “Mom Jean” look.

Image Hosted by TRY: JC Penny a.n.a Modern Bootcut Jeans


  1. Light and Breezy: The key to layering your second piece (over your long tank top) is finding something slightly breezy and soft to float over your curves. A light-weight top that hits at your natural waist or above your hip bones is the best look.

Image Hosted by TRY: Heritage 1981 Pintucked Knit Top

  1. Add Some Flare: To really top this layered, lengthening outfit off, add a cropped adorable jacket. A jacket can help conceal arms (if wanted), or simply balance out the entire outfit.

Image Hosted by TRY: Twelve By Twelve Couture Cropped Jacket

Fashion Fix Prices:

  • Long Layering Tank – $8.50
  • Bootcut Jeans – $17.99
  • Pintucked Knit Top – $14.90
  • Cropped Jacket — $24.99
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