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Even though it may come in handy to have (what men charmingly refer to as) “child bearing hips” when delivering a baby…it may not seem quite as handy when dressing post-partum. Have confidence in those curves with well-placed outfits and proportional clothing.


Instead of hiding your curves after baby, simply learn the three keys to highlighting those beautiful womanly hips: 1) Accentuate a small waist or shoulders to create proportion, 2) balance hips with a wider cut in either pants or skirt, and 3) wear a flattering color, cinched waistline or something that makes you feel sexy.

1. A top with balance: Aim for a top or shirt with wider cut shoulders, ruffles on top or a dramatic neckline. Balancing out small shoulders to hips will create leaner proportions and balance overall.

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TRY: Layered Puff Sleeve Top for Wet Seal

2. A cinched belt or waistline: Nipping your top or dress at the waist creates an hourglass figure, which is enviable to anyone. Try a soft belt with light stretch so that you can flatter your figure, while still being comfortable after baby.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TRY: City Style Wide Stretch Belt from NY&Company

3. A wide cut bottom: Choose an A-line skirt or wider cut trousers to balance out hips. Although it seem counterproductive to wear wider clothing on your widest area, clothing with slight give and structure is better than tight, stretchy items. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TRY:Victoria’s Secret Linen Drawstring Skirt

Fashion Fix Prices:

· Balancing Bold Top — 18.50

· Stretchy Belt — 13.96

· A-line or wide skirt — 29.50

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