Fight Rosacea and Soothe Your Skin Like Julie Bowen and Kate Hudson: Beauty Product Spotlight

The Product: Dr. Brandt Laser In A Bottle

Where To Get It: Get the Dr. Brandt Laser in a Bottle from our Makeover Momma store!

Why You Should Use It:

1. You Hate Having Red Skin: A lot of moms deal with red, inflamed skin (whether a combination of post-partum hormones, stress or just plain genetics), but this product will do the trick. It uses a potent combination of calming ingredients to soothe and treat irritated skin (just like a prescription rosacea cream).

2. It Can Multitask: We love taking this calming, lotion-like product (which smells delicious), and combining it with a small amount of mineral foundation (which can be an anti-inflammatory source of makeup and good for sensitive skin) and a small amount of green tinted concealer (which counteracts redness). This creates a super-powered skin cocktail that will erase red skin (while giving you a gorgeously clear complexion).

3. It Improves Everything: Luckily, this product doesn’t just calm down your skin, it can also improve conditions caused by aging or the sun, lightly hydrate your skin, and serve as the ideal, gentle daily moisturizer.

4. It Fights Pimples: Want to help red, embarrassing breakouts go away? We love dipping Q-tips in a small amount of this product, placing in the fridge overnight, and holding on irritated breakouts for 5 minutes at a time. Voila! The perfect way to calm down zits (without clogging pores).

The Price: $90.59

Remember this product (like any product) takes time to work. We saw the best results within 4 weeks of use (and now have completely set aside our prescription rosacea creams). So be patient mommas!

* Do you have a problem with rosy skin? What do you do to treat it (or why do you hate it?)

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