Fight Fitness Boredom With These Workout Tools: Budget Fitness Buy

Want to try new workouts (like Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes?) Try this…

Getting sick of that same ole’ fitness routine? We gathered up some of the best new trends, routines and ideas to put some “spring” back in your spring workout…

*Thera Band Blue Stability Trainer ($33)

Believe it or not, it’s possible to target you core by working on your balance at the same time (and barely even notice!) Try doing simple toning movements (for instance, like bicep curls or squats) while standing on the stability trainer. This piece of exercise equipment will allow you moms to watch TV or talk with your kids, while doubling the results of your workout.

*KettleBell ($25)

This piece of equipment is ideal for all moms who are always on the go, and working out is on the bottom of their “to-do-list”. This kettlebell has the ability to work your entire body. While working your strength and promoting cardiovascular activity, this piece of portable equipement can be taken to the office or on vacation (if you don’t have the time to workout at the gym)…and used just about anywhere! Inputing at least 10-20 minutes with this product can produce great results.

If all else fails ladies, Belly Dancing offers great results. Not only will you have fun and become comfortable in your own skin, you will dance off the calories and fat. If the actual dancing does not attract you at first, the very fashionable hip scarves will draw you in, if you are fashion crazy (like we ladies at Makeover Momma). Belly dancing will allow you to release all your inhibitions, feel comfortable with your body, and actually enjoy yourself throughout the week.

* Speak Up: What new type of exercise (or fitness equipment) really livened up your routine?

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