Feel Sexy At The Super Bowl With SKECHERS Shape Ups

Proud aunt Kim Kardashian and fab mom Brooke Burke love SKECHERS.

* Weekend Roundup:

If you’re anything like me, the Super Bowl is merely an excuse to eat copious amounts of chips, wait patiently for the half time show and watch scores of commercials. Even if you’re a true football fanatic (in which case I can only partially relate to you), you’re going to love the latest weekend “headlines” below…

“SKECHERS Make Kim Kardashian Look Sexy”

If you’ve spent most of your residual energy chasing your child around during the game and pretending to be interested in why everyone is screaming at the TV… fear not. SKECHERS has a brand new ad airing during the Super Bowl (close to the two-minute warning in the second half) featuring Kim Kardashian and her SKECHERS Shape Ups. Even though rumor has it that she’ll be breaking someone’s heart in the commercial (every woman who doesn’t look like her, perhaps?), I’m the most excited to see her new SKECHERS toning shoes in action.

As a busy mom, I have a very little time for a strenuous workout routine (unless rolling my eyes at my husband counts), so shoes that burn extra calories and tone leg muscles seem to come straight from heaven. Of course you have a chance of winning tons of giveaways from SKECHERS just by joining their Facebook page (lots of post-game goodies)… so get going, get walking and tone that Kim K inspired behind!

“Win A Bag of Hershey’s Miniature Assortment For Your Party”

Want to win a bag of Hershey’s to celebrate your team’s big win? Even though you could win chocolate from me right now (because I’m cool like that), you can also enter Hershey’s Super Bowl sweepstakes by visiting their Facebook page (possibly winning a football-filled trip for four, and even meet “Hall of Famer” Emmitt Smith!) But make you enter this too…

* Comment: What is your favorite chocolate treat to serve at the Super Bowl?

Answer this simple question and FIVE winners will be chosen at random (and announced on Sunday!) So keep an eye out on the day of the big game and get ready to comment….

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12 comments on “Feel Sexy At The Super Bowl With SKECHERS Shape Ups
  1. Jenanine m says:

    Little cheesecake cups and hershey’s kisses

  2. SunRae says:

    whoo hoo love chocolate

  3. Linda Bundrick says:

    Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate is what I serve…and eat 🙂

  4. SunRae says:

    love to serve chocolate cupcakes and hershey’s minatures

  5. Joe G says:

    We serve chocolate chip ccokies and chocolate cheesecake cups

  6. Dustin says:

    hershey’s minatures of course and kisses

  7. Amanda W says:

    we have a chocolate fountain yummy

  8. Jamie says:

    Hersheys kisses love them little kisses lol

  9. Christian says:

    Chocolate brownies.

  10. Debbie G says:

    choloate cookies and Hersheys candies

  11. lola malone says:

    chocolate chip cookies!

  12. Jennifer Peters says:

    I make Pudding Parfaits for the kids and top them with a Hersheys Kiss.

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