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The internet is all about over-sharing. Finding the balance between being forthcoming with readers so as to support and encourage them in their own lives, without being that filterless 40-negative-status-updates-a-day kinda gal is… tricky, to say the least. And since it’s my nature to blab about everything in life (men, kids, clothes, bad complexion days) except for health or the more serious things in life, it is even more disconsonant. Then again, following the positive response after I kvetched about my personal health journey in a recent post, I’ve decided that offering up some additional advice garnered recently avec trial and error could certainly do more good than harm/foul. Right? I mean, I’ve been working as a writer since I was a tween… I kind of set myself up for this.

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I am that forgetful, perpetually late, flibbertigibbet friend you hate inviting to things, because I’m always going to mess something up. And no matter how hard I try (list-making and the like), I just can’t seem to turn completely Type A (more like a soft B, at best). This is why the free TCPal app from Tobi has become my new best friend. It buzzes my phone with Imagine Dragon “It’s Time!” style messages [see above] every time I need to take my meds (which for me, is about 4 to 5 times a day)- and helps me keep track of my progress, regressions and even sends reports to my local specialist. I use this particular app because it has lot of particular cystic fibrosis meds- which, medically, is mostly aligned with all of my own – so I don’t have to enter in new treatments or concepts or fancy pants prescription names. But for anyone with chronic health problems, I recommend finding a similar system to help keep you on track… it really helps!

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I have killer sick face. This means that when I’m having a “good day”, I look like the photo on the left. Bad day? Photo on the right. Believe it or not, those pics were taken within the same exact week, using the same exact makeup (dusting of mineral foundation and that’s it), and zero photo finishing or pictorial tweaking. If you get “sick face” as bad as I do (don’t most of us moms get “sick face” after a sleepless night with the kiddos, anyways?), I recommend creating your own night-time makeup to conceal trouble areas. Yes, you read me right: makeup at night. Now as an avid face washer, this is somewhat profanatory, because we all know that sleeping with makeup is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. But if you fear you’re going to have one of those “roll from the bed into the day” kind of evenings- which for me is a lot of the time- then creating your own affordable version of Bare Escentual’s Pure Transformation Night Treatment is key. I have fiendishly fixated on this $60 product for some time now (if I could sell either one of my kids to afford it, I would possibly consider), but realized that mixing equal parts of ELF Mineral Blemish powder and Mineral Foundation together creates soft coverage and breakout control at only $10 – $15. Not perfect and not as good… but better than nothing!

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I’m a dancer, which means by nature I’m very physical. I like to hike (yep, even with the bugs), and do races, and take classes of all kinds. I am not opposed to the weird crotch cruelty that spinning imparts (have those women lost all feeling or am I the only one doing the John Wayne straddle post-peddal?), and even want to plan my own challenge. A girlfriend and I have our sights on a Glitter Glam race for the borderline athletic type. Think a Key West gay pride parade of a jog-a-thon, replete with Rocky Horror and tiara-donned costumes and a fabulous monstrosity of glitter at the end (as opposed to colored powder or mud). All of that aside, my physicality gets in the way more and more lately, and I’ve struggled to find ways to stay fit without burning myself out (literally). Solution? An in-water aerobics class with 90 year old women [no pun intended- one of our attendees is literally 90] that is surprisingly difficult, truly ‘works me out’ and leaves my muscles stretched and more dance ready than I ever anticipated. If we put aside our predilections and social quandaries when it comes to exercise, maybe more of us would just do something and enjoy ourselves- instead of “sitting this one out”. Moral? If you want to do it or try it or be it… take Nike’s advice and go for it.

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I am way too cynical for quotes. They are cheesy, and cliche, and redundant- and often in direct contrast to one another. Then again, lately I’ve been saving imagery of inspiring quotes straight from Pinterest to my phone, and flipping through them when I’m having a bad day. It totally works (hate to admit it). I’m also loving the free Awareness app which buzzes me every morning with a motivational task to stay more mindful and attempt to be less of a cynicist jerk. Today’s challenge told me to “find what triggered me to not have a kind heart throughout the day”, which (after sardonically thinking “this app”) I realized was instances of mulling over a few negative people and/or situations in my life. Lesson? Surrounding yourself with potentially selfish, non-empathatic, fair-weather people makes you exactly that yourself.. and who wants that? Got it. Maybe not so cheesy after all….

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