Feel Confidant In Your Body Like Kourtney Kardashian and Natasha Henstridge: 1 Minute Makeover

Moms like Natasha Henstridge and Kourtney Kardashian are sick of the media pressure about weight, and would rather be healthy. What about you?

The Problem: You workout all the time and eat super healthy…but still don’t feel like you’re doing enough.

The Fix: What is it with your culture, that makes busy, tired moms feel like they’re never doing enough? It’s one thing that we always feel like we’re not building a career or raising our children properly…but we do really need to add insane societal pressures regarding how much we weigh post-partum to the mix? It’s sad that new mom Kourntey Kardashian has to tell the tabloids that she doesn’t care about getting skinny, because she’s busy spending time with her infant.

Enough is enough. Since when did “health” become the size of our pants? No size, no weight on a scale and no amount of post-partum stretch marks can be used to measure the healthiness of our lifestyle. Motherhood is about balance. If we are striving to get routine exercise as much as possible (even if it’s only in 10 minute increments), and if we try to eat healthy meals 75% of the time (and not feel ashamed for wanting chocolate once in awhile)…then we are doing everything to be positive, balanced examples for our children. Who cares if we haven’t lost enough body fat to make it difficult to conceieve again: the goal of healthy living is to feed your body (to fuel it for playdates with your kids), and the point of exercise is to build strong muscles (to lift our children high into the air)…not to deprive, deprave and deplorably treat ourselves.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to celebrity mom’s bodies all the time, but instead, comparing ourselves to who has the best body confidence.

* Let Us Know: Who’s body confidence to you want to emulate the most?

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3 comments on “Feel Confidant In Your Body Like Kourtney Kardashian and Natasha Henstridge: 1 Minute Makeover
  1. styleezta says:

    heidi klum! she’s awesome!

  2. Michellemsz says:

    Your website is like a blonde with a brain. I like it. Jokes aside, very informative post and equally impressive design.

  3. Thank you- haha… that cracks me up! : )

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