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   We at Makeover Mommaâ„¢ were deeply saddened to hear that 70’s icon and talented actress Farrah Fawcett recently passed away. Not only did Farrah leave a unique legacy (and was a proud mother herself), but her amazing fashion sense was often overpowered by the infamy of her hair style. In her day, Farrah’s fasion sense reflected casual, California chic perfectly (much like modern mom Kate Hudson), and was ideal for the summer season.

   Try stealing some of Farrah’s style by relaxing your fashion rules slightly, and pairing casual pieces with classic finds.For example, try wearing comfortable Converse sneakers (or funky ballet flats) with Americana staples like perfectly-fit denim shorts, plaid button-up shirts or basic tank tops. If you prefer to channel her more preppy side, keep things simple and flattering with a crisp shirt, shorts that highlight your body properly (and cover you up as an active mom), and a bright accessory (like a bold belt or funky jewelery). The key to pulling off Farrah’s style yourself is to know your own body (how many of us really look like her?), and not showing every inch of skin necessary (or squeezing into unflattering shorts and tanks). If you don’t usually wear wild pieces (like sneakers or funky hats), draw inspiration from Farrah’s look without going against what makes you feel comfortable.

Sound Off Yourself: What did you love most about Farrah Fawcett’s style? What style icon do you draw inspiration from?

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6 comments on “Farrah Fawcett Style Inspiration — Fashion Spotlight
  1. Corey Holmes says:

    Though Farrah Fawcett has amazing style, I never was attracted to it for myself. Which prompts me to think, do your personal style icons have similiar body structures to yourself? I do not consider Farrah or Kate Hudson a style icon-but I do consider Ava Gardner and Scarlett JOhanson some, most likely b/c I ahve an hourglass figure. Does anyone out there have a style icon whom is of a different body type than you?

  2. ^ I completely agree… I definitely favor stars with my body type!

  3. Hope says:

    Farrah’s hair– no one could do the feather like her. I tried as a girl in the 80’s and one side was always flat and the other fluffy. Even now, I switch between straightening my hair and curling it (a la Charlie’s Angels). I’m prob more of a Jacqueline Smith; but I respect Farrah for what she gave us. Best, Hope

  4. Dress4Less says:

    I love Farrah’s style and the way she had a tomboy yet sexy look about her. She seemed like every boys fantasy because she was hot and looked like she could hang with the boys. She will be missed ;( Check out my Dress4Less tribute if you like. Tear… Tear… Tear…

  5. myrna says:

    I loved Farrah’s hair style. Back in the 70’s I always remember how many of my friends had the feather layered look. It was such a popular one.

    Very sad when she passed away. R.I.P. Farrah

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