Fall Is The Best Time of the Year… Because I Can Buy New Clothes


The Topic: I am the queen of justifying things. I can’t tell you how often I downplay my job (“I swear I’m a serious journalist”), or my health (“my fingers turn blue because it’s my favorite color”), or my busy plight as a momma (“they’re supposed to run in circles screaming…right?”) Regardless of my senseless need for explanations, my justification juxtaposition becomes exponentially higher when it comes to winter wardrobes. Growing up in Florida required zero closet overhauls or fashion finagling… but living in the mountains of Virginia does. And since freezing it out in flip-flops while the temperature drops won’t do wonders for my pneumonia (been there, tried that), I’m trying to embrace the brisk weather by drooling over new fashion trends.

Now to be clear, I likely cannot afford these exact items at this time- since I’m always pinching pennies to a frugal fault- but it won’t stop me from drawing inspiration to put forth, henceforth, towards my up-and-coming cheap clothing scouting. Now, can you say that sentence three times fast? Me either.

* Be Penny: I love how comfortable and hippie chic this dress from Free People looks, but mainly love its name as a Cameron Crow nerd (“Penny Lane dress!”) I plan to wear lots of lose flowing dresses of this nature this winter, but pairing them with a boot/sock combo or a balletic wrap to keep from freezing.

* Get Quirky: I’ve always loved overalls. I’ve worn them on and off throughout the years, even when nay-say-ers said… well, nay. But overalls that are similar to skinny jeans? Hmm. I admit… I really want to give these a whirl!

* Embrace Lace: My wedding dress was super affordable ($100’s!), super comfortable and feels just like me. And although I’ll be spilling more deets soon in a series off bridal posts, my matrimony hankerings have made me wild about lace. Show me a soft, creamy lace dress… and I’ll show you a battle with my bank account.

* Leg Go Of It: There is no reason to give up your favorite skirts in the fall, just because it’s cold. I adore wearing skirts like this with tights and ballet flats, or tall boots and a comfy sweater. In fact, the more I layer… the cuter the skirt looks. This particular skirt is stretchy and smushy too, which is super flattering, and even more practical. Ya dig?

Want to share how smitten you are with style? Pin these items or any others you like on the Makeover Momma Pinterest and I’ll love you forever and ever and ever.

Let Me Know: Which of these would you wear and how?

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