Exercise With Your Kids — Indoor Fitness Videos

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Can’t get outside to exercise with your kids (like celebrity mom Isla Fisher, above)? Try the video ideas below…

   Makeover Momma loves to answer reader questions about exercising indoors with your children, or finding a variety of fitness videos that can be done with infants or toddlers. Here are the latest batch of preschool ready fitness tapes, for you and your child to enjoy:

Kids Who Love Stretching: Try checking out videos like “Wai Lana’s Little Yogis” or “Kids Musical Yoga” to help children learn fun yoga poses (you too, Mom!) These videos keep little ones engaged while acting like animals or making sounds along the way.

Kids Who Love Movement: If your child just never seems to sit still (or is slightly older in age), try pushing your embarrassment aside in favor of a deliciously cheesy video like “Jane Fonda Fun House Fitness” . Although it may be a video-nerd classic, this tape lets kids learn dance and aerobics routines, and can get you moving too.

Kids Who Love a Mission: Try videos that promote activity together like the “Toucanz Trail: Obstacle Adventure“, or simply try to create your own obstacle course at home. Use furniture like couches and chairs to create a “course” of push-ups, sit-ups and squats for you and your child to try.

   Regardless of which indoor exercise video is right for you, simply staying active with your child will help you both create a lifetime of health and wellness. So when in doubt…just get moving!

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