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Can you no longer stay fit outside, like mother Marcia Cross?

  Earlier in the month a Makeover Momma reader posed the question: “How do I exercise indoors with a preschooler, as the weather gets colder?” If creating fitness games inside isn’t your thing (or using props like hula hoops and jump ropes), why not try renting, borrowing or buying a fitness tape that includes your child?

Kids Who Love Dancing: If your little one loves to dance, why no try moving with them using videos like Kari Anderson “Shake” or BYou- The Hot New Dance Workout.

Kids Who Love Caracters: If Elmo can make vegetables seem cool to your kid (when your own attempts fail time after time), try letting their favorite caracters speak to them about fitness. Videos like Care Bears Fitness Fun or Sesame Street’s Happy Healthy Monsters will get them on their feet, while programs like the Move n’ Groove Kids teach your little ones ABC’s or numbers while keeping them active.

Kids Who Love Super Heros: If your child is constantly trying to save the world, let them channel their one-two-punches into positive physical fitness. Check out Billy Blanks Ta-Bo Kicks DVD or Kick To Get Fit Jr. DVD.

     For more ideas on children’s exercise videos, check out Fit Beginnings.com, or stay tuned next month for more childrens fitness DVD suggestions!

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