Every Boo Boo Deserves The Right Band Aid

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My children are walking disasters (and I mean that literally). Don’t get me wrong… I adore my children, but apparently mommy’s 20+ years of ballet training don’t transfer directly through genetics (we’re a pretty klutzy bunch). On the rare moments that I’m away from home, I always expect the worst when the phone rings (“So-and-so ran into a wall today” or “The husband has gotten hurt doing something you told him not to do to begin with”). Those sorts of things.

Even though our klutziness might not be a rarity, my daughter’s reaction to Band Aids most certainly is. Since gluten is often contained in odd places (for example, we can’t touch Play Dough or lick envelopes), it can often be found in the adhesives of common band aids. In the past, both my 4 year old and I have received deep, painful “burns” from wearing a bandage for more than a few hours (normally leaving more of a scar than the original injury itself). This leads me constantly searching for new ways to bandage up the family, without making our “boo boo’s” even worse. Check out our recent journey to Walmart in the hunt for band-aids that fit the bill…

* Speak Up: What essentials steps do you follow when your child gets hurt?

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