Even Yucky Days Deserve Cute Outfits


Week 3: I’m going to be honest… I’ve been pretty sick the last couple of weeks. All of my organs teamed up and decided they want to “Heathers” and/or “Jawbreaker” me (if you don’t get any of those bullying references, than you’re too young and should feel ashamed of yourself whilst watching “The Craft” immediately). Long unnecessary story short, it was a rough week in which “curling up in a ball” seemed a perfectly rational goal for my day [if only, right?] It’s ridiculously impressive I was able to get dressed, let alone feign some interest in chevron prints or belted dresses or anything in between. Really, you’re witnessing a miracle. Enjoy.

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Week 2

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The Take Away Tips:

* Cover Your Lady Parts: Maybe I’m old school, but I like covering my bits and bobs in super short jazz shorts whenever I’m wearing a short dress because, well… windy days happen.

* Transition From Workout To Life: Day 18 is one of those days when I had to teach dance, but had no time for multiple outfits. Sometimes sparkles help you conceal otherwise ugly bicycle shorts. Your welcome.

Let Me Know: Which day do YOU like the most?

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One comment on “Even Yucky Days Deserve Cute Outfits
  1. Mindy Coffey says:

    Day 17 was pretty hot & cute for a lazy day ha 🙂

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