Even You Can Become A Triathlon Mom: Fitness Trend Focus

Wish you could be a super athletic mom (like Halle Berry and Madonna?) Study up!

Have you thought about participating in a triathlon? It might go without saying that the majority of us moms want to feel empowered and healthy, but never know how to unleash our inner athlete. Even newly post-partum mommas (like Jennifer Lopez) have signed up for triathlons, in the hopes to challenge themselves as mothers, role models and women. But what if you have no personal trainer, private nanny or help for training? Look at this book as your best friend in fitness…

*Triathalon For Girls Like Us ($9.32)

Triathalon For Girls Like Us by Gloria Safar, is the must-have piece of literature for learning about the world of  the triathlons, and how even you can be capable of participating in this fitness challenge. (Plus, it call us “girls”, which makes us feel young…and that’s never a bad thing!) Though this field is primarily dominated and geared toward men, Gloria Safar created this guide for women only (yay!) This book has the secret to cracking the confusion behind what an actual triathlon is (and what you need to do to get ready). The author strives to encourage everyday women to be triathlon fit and savvy (even if they’re training themselves at home). Chapters break down each segment of a triathlon, while giving expert opinion and tips for avoiding injuries (along with which nutrition plan is best for your new lifestyle).

Gloria Safar’s inspirational mantra “everyday women can give it a tri”, gives hard-working women the determination to do what they thought was never possible… try a triathlon!

* What Do You Think: Would YOU ever train for a triathlon?

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