Even Old People Can Carry A Clutch Purse

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1 in every 2 mothers carries an ugly purse…. did you know that statistic? Actually since about 63% of most statistics are made up on the spot (draw your own conclusions), that fact might not be scientifically true… but sometimes it sure feels like it. My purses are bottomless pits: sucking up spare diapers, mini boxes of raisons and precious Cover Girl eyeliners with Zhu Zhu pet levels of speed. And even though I try my best to keep my purses in good shape, they normally end up looking like we’ve recently backpacked across Egypt before I’ve even left the house. Perhaps one of the most meaningless purses to me has always been the clutch. It’s kind of like a Dave Matthews cover band (Really? Do you ever think you’re going to compare to the real thing?)

The clutch laughs in the face of the every day mom. It says, “Look at me. I’m cute and I’m tiny (like your butt used to be). You used to love taking me out for a night on the town when all you needed was a lipstick and a tin of Altoids. Now you couldn’t fit your 10,000 debit cards, distraction toys and stretch cream ointment in me if your life depending on it”. But despite the clutch’s seemingly pointless place in our busy lives, I decided to give it a whirl (and a Whrrl, so to speak) for one last time.

So, what did I find when finally taking a clutch purse for an evening out again? I realized that not all clutches are created equal (and this Sandra Clutch from Shop Suey Boutique) was down right fabulous. It went with nearly every outfit I had, it added just the right amount of sparkle (since my jewelry has long since been dismantled by tiny, chocolate covered fingers), and it actually held my copious amount of objects with ease. Instead of mocking my subconscious, it felt like a perfect fit (and I found myself practically shoving it in innocent bystanders face when introducing myself). There might not be a cure for my mom-induced psychosis, but this Shop Suey Boutique clutch certainly works in any woman’s life…even yours. (And don’t forget, if you use the exclusive Makeover Momma code “momma” during checkout, you’ll get 20% off any purchase!)

* Sound Off: When was the last time your carried a sassy little clutch?

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One comment on “Even Old People Can Carry A Clutch Purse
  1. New To Mom says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever carried one. 🙁 But I’m happy to say that I’m not the category of moms who carry ugly bags. 🙂

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