Enjoy The Best Hair Color Breakthrough For Moms In 2010: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Want shiny, natural hair (similar to Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek?) Don’t miss this…

Makeover Madness Party Sponsor: Kelly Van Gogh

If you haven’t already heard all the buzz and accolades over the hairstyling guru Kelly Van Gogh…now you officially have! Kelly has been saturating the lock of the celebrities and socialites of the world for over 15 years and now she is bringing her amazing talents to the rest of the world with her fabulous at home kits (and we so need her help).

So what is the infamous Kelly Van Gogh Heads Up Kit ($49)?

Kelly’s  highlighting kit is for all hair colors (yes, even yours), and is not your run-of-the-mill boxed color (the kind that you’re slightly scared of for it’s blue-hair-turning capabilities). This kit has something one of a kind inside that you will not find anywhere else: a translucent mica shine gel lightening system. What does that mean? That’s fancy talk for a color changing system that lets you see the lightening results for yourself, and when you’re approaching perfectly sunkissed highlight status… you can stop the color from developing any more. (Yes, this Kelly just might be our hair Houdini). The kit contains no bleach and zero nasty smells; instead it has her signature scent of rose and jasmine that will surely have everyone running to you (instead of “tuck and rolling” out the nearest windows to escape the fumes). To top it off, the kits tool are reusable (how green and chic is that?)

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* Answer This: When was the last time you colored your hair at home (and what were the results?)

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