Embracing The Ankle Bootie Trend Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

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Most mothers are slightly terrified of trends, and I can’t really blame you. Trends are intended for the size-zero, “smell-a-pumpkin-pie-candle-for-breakfast” kind of girls who have barely hit puberty (let alone are dealing with children who seem to constantly be PMS-ing). If trends were meant for moms, than why do mini skirts show our cheeks when we bend down to pick up an infant car-seat? Why do boots cut off the circulation to our feet when we run around after our toddlers? Or why do almost all jeans make us look like a woman squeezing into an emo kid’s wardrobe?

Perhaps it goes without saying that booties (cropped boots that end at your ankle) seem like one of those trends. They’re uncomfortable, they’re over-priced and they have the tendency to make our legs look wider and shorter than they already are…right? In some instances yes, but in the case of Avon’s new Cushion Walk Suede Bootie… wrong. I tried on these booties expecting the need for copious amounts of liquid Band-aid and pain meds, and instead found that the inside was lined with a soft, cushion-like fabric that was quite possibly created by angels. If all of my shoes could be lined with this material, I would be a much happier woman.

* Sound Off: What do you think of these booties? Would you ever try this trend?

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3 comments on “Embracing The Ankle Bootie Trend Doesn’t Have To Be Painful
  1. Love those boots! they look so cute on you!

  2. New To Mom says:

    I have a pair of black ones that I got at JCP. I got them on sale for like 50% off. The best part is that they in wide width. I’m just waiting for it to get colder so I can wear my new Gap premium blank pants and my new booties. However, I do see a trip to Wal-Mart in my future for some insole thingies.

  3. So do you like shoe insoles? These booties don’t need it but most of my other shoes do (my feet hate me all the time)…. Which do you recommend?

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